SPS 103: Using Thought Leadership to Grow a Marketing Agency with Robert Glazer

Posted on Apr 28, 2021

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Robert Glazer is the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, the premier global partner marketing agency that has won over 30 awards for its world-class company culture. He leads a fully remote team of over 200 people. He is the author of Friday Forward, an inspirational newsletter that reaches over 200,000 readers worldwide each week. The Wall Street Journal bestselling author of several books, including Elevate, Friday Forward, and How To Thrive In The Virtual Workplace. Robert is also a global keynote speaker who has spoken on the TEDx stage and the host of the popular Elevate Podcast. Above all else, he is passionate about sharing ideas that help people and organizations elevate their performance and reach their full potential.

Why Use Books for Business

Robert wanted to create a book based on the progressive articles he had written for his industry. “We felt that our industry was on the precipice of change.” He wanted to create a book as a calling card and came up with Performance Partnerships. Through his first book, Robert realized the value that writing and content bring to a company. He also admitted that his book was a great platform to answer many common questions without repeating the answer.

Different Purposes for Each Book

His first book was meant to be a calling card for his business. However, for his more recent publications, Robert wanted to focus on impact and reach. “I took different strategies depending on what I wanted to do.” He tested out the waters for how he wanted to publish each of his books and realized quickly that certain forms of his book could be easily distributed while hardcover books have more logistics to get them to their final location.

How to Find Time to Write Books

“A lot of us picture this ideal Mark Twain, go to a cabin for five weeks and write a book.” However, this isn’t a reality for most people. Robert suggests starting small with a goal of 100 words per day and increases how many words per day as you go along until you finish your book. With an assembly line process, Robert keeps a system to continually write his books.

Listen in on today’s episode to find out how Robert markets his books, how to find podcasts to be interviewed on, and how to find your own look-alike audience.

Show Notes

  • [01:38] Using books as a marketing strategy from the start of business.
  • [04:10] Why each book has a specific purpose for his company.
  • [06:06] Which books were better for self-publishing versus traditional publishing.
  • [10:51] Marketing tactics Robert uses to sell books.
  • [15:23] Which book marketing tactics don’t work to move books.
  • [19:34] Scaling for book sales what you want to do.
  • [21:46] Details about affiliate partnership marketing.
  • [29:09] Put people in your book that would help your book be successful.
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