SPS 093: Permission To Prosper: A Faith-Based & Copywriting Approach To Sell More Books & Grow Your Business with Ray Edwards

Posted on Feb 17, 2021

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Today I’m joined by Ray Edwards (author of “How To Write Copy That Sells” and “Permission To Prosper”) to talk about:

  • How to setup a Free + Shipping Funnel that sells books & grows your business
  • How to use copywriting to sell more books
  • The 3 things he does to sell books over the LONG TERM…not just during launch week
  • His faith-based approach to money, business, and selling more books

If you’re a faith-based author or entrepreneur, you don’t want to miss this episode!

Power Marketing His Best Seller

Ray is the best-selling Amazon author whose book, How to Write Copy that Sells, has generated over $300 million in revenue between book sales and the original copy he has created for other companies and clients. He also has a new book out, Permission to Prosper, which we will talk about today.

With a free+shipping sales funnel, Ray ships books to those who purchase his books then use their emails for future marketing. He uses his podcast, email list, and YouTube channel to funnel people to his book. Influencers started buying his book for their groups, which has also boosted book sales.

Ray says that it’s more important to consistently sell a book than to make a big launch and never sell it again. In addition, this consistent marketing makes more of an impact on your message and grows your tribe even further. “Don’t get caught up in being on the bestseller list your first week, month or year. It’s more important to keep selling books month after month.

Find out why you don’t want to ship internationally, how he uses copy to sell more books, and what content he puts in his books’ front and back matter. Learn how you can sell your book when you’ve created good content that brings value to others.

Show Notes

  • [03:29] Asking for reviews after book sales. 
  • [04:45] Why his marketing funnel is so successful.
  • [09:11] How Ray monetizes other business aspects with his book.
  • [13:55] Why he sticks with the free book strategy over other marketing ideas.
  • [15:33] How he uses copyright to sell more books. 
  • [19:55] The way Ray uses the front and back matter of his books to sell.
  • [23:50] Dealing with the opinion of others at his church and poverty mindset.
  • [28:12] Ray talks about being a Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur.
  • [34:21] His advice for anyone writing a book.

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