SPS 090: How I Sold 25k Copies Of A $37 Ebook That Isn’t Even On Amazon (And Using Copywriting to Sell Books) with Sean Vosler

Posted on Jan 27, 2021

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Sean is a legendary copywriter, an affiliate marketing expert, and creator of The Increase Academy. He is known for his role as an affiliate manager for Thai Lopez and Sam Evans. His new book, Seven Figure Marketing Copy, teaches people how to craft engaging copy that sells.

His book “has become the star in the center of my solar system, and it was born out of the collection of SOP in my own business.” Sean designed his copy and visuals for his book using his 15 years of design experience as he wanted his book to be visually engaging.

Sean decided not to sell his book on Amazon, the most popular bookselling platform. “I got to the point where this was a minimal viable book and published it in my membership area as a digital book.” Starting out with 85 pages, Sean decided to get input from his followers to improve and add content to his book, which is now over 400 pages.

Because he didn’t have his book published on Amazon, Sean didn’t have to go through the process of multiple editions to get his book to a point where he wanted to publish. Now that he has updated and edited his book numerous times with years of feedback from his base, Sean is planning on publishing his “first edition” on Amazon.

Show Notes

  • [02:23] How Sean’s book fits into his business sales.
  • [08:07] Why he chose not to sell on Amazon.
  • [11:52] How he came up with a $37 price point for his book.
  • [16:25] Driving traffic to his website to sell over 25,000 copies.
  • [21:18] The purpose of having affiliate marketing to promote your business.
  • [25:32] Where Sean was able to get the most traffic from Facebook.
  • [31:29] Why he created his introduction as his sales page.
  • [32:27] His process of building his email and follower list.
  • [35:00] How writing is very different from speaking. 
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