SPS 088: Using Personalized Marketing & Hand-To-Hand Combat (Instead Of “Broad Marketing”) To Sell More Books & Get 100’s Of Reviews with Brad Lomenick

Posted on Jan 13, 2021

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Today, I’m joined by Brad Lomenick, author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership. He sees his role as equipping, inspiring, and releasing the next generation of young Christian leaders through events, resources, consulting, content, and connecting a community of like-minded Catalysts all over the world.

Brad didn’t have a brand book for Catalyst and never saw himself as an author, and many people were encouraging him to write a book. “I felt like people were saying that I should jump into that pool, and I still don’t consider myself a writer.” He felt a brand book was essential to capture the essence and stories of his brand. “We didn’t have something that would outlast us.” For Brad, his book will be his remnant that will be around forever. “Books are a lasting legacy because a book is going to be around for a long time.”

“Anyone who does conferences you know that the ongoing connection and conversation will have points to learn and intersect.” He thinks of his book as a connecting resource between what people take away from a conference they’ve participated in and what they can learn while reading his content.

His second book, H3, is his life book. “It’s my personal story, it’s much more of my personal mantra, and it’s my life brand book.” He believes this book feels more personal, and therefore, more people are affected by reading this book.

Listen in to find out how Brad wrote his life message into his book, why he encourages people to write the business book first, and how Brad promoted his personal book. Learn how Brad promotes his book on podcasts, how you can think innovatively to approach outlets for promotion, and why you need to make it easy for others to promote and sell your book.

Show Notes

  • [03:20] Why Brad doesn’t consider himself a writer with two books to his name.
  • [03:57] What a brand book does for your company.
  • [05:50] The brand building movement with his book.
  • [09:25] How H3 fit into Brad’s journey and story.
  • [11:05] The order of writing his books from business to personal.
  • [14:49] Marketing tactics Brad used to market his book.
  • [23:22] Why Brad changed his marketing strategy with his second book.
  • [27:38] Tips for reaching out to people that you don’t know to promote your book.
  • [29:22] The more assets you have, the more you can trade with cross-promotion.
  • [30:02] How he received so many reviews for his book.
  • [32:47] When you should start writing a book.
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