SPS 084: How To Write A Book At 8 Years Old That Sells 1,000’s Of Copies with Emma Sumner

Posted on Dec 17, 2020

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Today, I’m joined by Emma Sumner, one of the youngest authors at Self-Publishing School. She has inspired many other children to write books. Emma decided to write her first book when she found out her dad was writing a book. Her dad gave her the challenge to write 150 words and create a few characters, and he would help her write her first book. She was up for the challenge and came up with her new book’s first few sentences within a week.

“I was thinking of the different traits that I’d want to have, and I put those into each of the characters.” Her writing process was free form as she would write down all the ideas that came to her mind then create a story around her ideas. Emma wrote for her age group as she wrote her book as a book she would enjoy to read. “When I first started writing, it was to entertain myself. Then it just grew from there!”

The book writing process has lessons that come with writing and publishing. “The biggest lesson I learned is that you can’t let people judge you.” She understands that not all people are going to like her book. Additionally, Emma says that you have to focus on writing your book for yourself and not writing for others.

Listen in to find out how Emma leveraged her family for her launch team, her restaurant partnership, her advice on marketing your book and how she landed her first speaking gig.

Show Notes

  • [02:37] What inspired Emma to write her first book.
  • [04:19] How Emma decided on the characters and plot for her first book.
  • [05:45] The process of her book unfolding to her first draft.
  • [08:53] When Emma started the process of publishing her book.
  • [10:30] Emma’s advice for authors is to not let other people judge you and your work.
  • [15:55] How her family became involved in marketing her book.
  • [19:51] Her first book signing experience at Barnes and Noble.
  • [26:03] Emma’s suggestions for book marketing.
  • [32:47] How she is paying it forward and working with other child authors.

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