SPS 076: 0 to 450k Subscribers In 3 Years – Using YouTube To Grow Your Business & Sell More Books with Gillian Perkins

Posted on Oct 21, 2020

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Today, I’m joined by Gillian Perkins, an online market strategist for entrepreneurs and author of the book Sorted. Gillian is the CEO of four successful companies in four different verticals. Her YouTube channel, Gillian Perkins, has close to 500,000 subscribers and focuses on digital marketing.

When forced to become a minimalist, Gillian says, “I created a life that I enjoyed living more and was less focused on managing stuff and more focused on enjoying the things that I had and enjoying the people in my life.” From her experience, she decided to write a book, which she completed in one month. 

Reflecting on her book, Gillian looks back at the toughest part of the process. “One was losing momentum when I got towards the end of the book. But probably even tougher than that was the editing. I found it tough to find the right editor.”

She recommends starting out growing your social media first, then writing your book. “If you can tie them together, you’re going to build more momentum.”

Listen in to find out how Gillian was able to write her entire book in one month, how she wrote her book while being a mom, and how she built a following of over 400,000 YouTube subscribers in three years. Find out how she sold over 10,000 books, how Gillian gained traction early on, and how you can increase your YouTube SEO.

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Show Notes

  • [02:30] Why Gillian decided to write her first book. 
  • [05:27] Gillian meets Chandler at a business conference after writing her book.
  • [06:22] How she was able to get her book done in one month.
  • [08:15] Advice for moms trying to write their book.
  • [10:36] The toughest part of the writing process.
  • [13:39] Steps to her successful book marketing plan. 
  • [16:26] Starting her YouTube channel from zero subscribers.
  • [19:30] How she gained traction for her channel early on.
  • [21:25] YouTube SEO that works and understands the YouTube algorithm.
  • [25:39] Watch time versus watch duration for YouTube metrics.
  • [27:00] Getting ideas for your YouTube video content.
  • [29:38] Not all views are created equal.
  • [35:23] How to monetize your YouTube channel.
  • [40:44] Gillian’s critique of SPS channel.  
  • [45:11] What she would have done differently with her book and her channel.

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