SPS 065: How To Write & Publish A Quality Children’s Book That Kids LOVE to Read And Parents Are Proud To Buy with Marcy Pusey

Posted on Aug 5, 2020

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Joining me today is Marcy Pusey, who was one of our first students at SPS, she is the author of multiple books in multiple genres, including a memoir, self-help books, and many children’s books. A long-time SPS coach, she has helped hundreds of students write their own publication with over 3,000 coaching calls! Marcy is also the creator of the SPS Children’s Book program and works with our children’s book authors.

After seven years in the traditional publishing industry, along with attendance at conferences and participation in many clubs, she felt like she had little to show for the time and effort she placed into these activities. “Even my traditionally published books were published through a tiny press that is now sold privately to the homeschool community and curriculum settings so you can’t just buy them.” Agents who were using her book as a writing example at a conference still wouldn’t represent her as an author. She was feeling disillusioned.

“I feel wired to write, I feel that’s what I was created to do. I felt like there were so many roadblocks.” She decided to doubt that being a writer was indeed what she was meant to do.

One day, Marcy came across one of my videos. She liked the Self Publishing School concept and decided to join SPS. At the time, SPS only offered Adult Nonfiction classes. Marcy wanted to have the SPS experience and decided to come up with an idea to write an adult non-fiction book to use in the class. “This was my last-ditch effort. Can I learn how to publish my own stories, get other people out of the way, and ultimately see if this is who I thought I was – wired to write. Is this really and truly who I really am and should be doing with my life?”

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Marcy debunks the myth that self-publishing is not a “real way” to publish your book. “At the end of the day, the reason I have stopped submitting to agents and editors is that I love the control I have over my own process.” She can publish a book in three months as opposed to traditional publishing takes two to three years after you find a publisher.

Listen in to find out how self-publishing is a more accessible and better way to publish your book, why traditional publishing overhead is very high, and why you don’t have creative control over your traditionally published book.

Show Notes

  • [02:23] Why Marcy decided to join Self Publishing School after traditionally publishing several books.
  • [03:24] Elements that Marcy felt were deceptive in the book publishing industry.
  • [05:20] Why Marcy chose children’s books and why she is passionate about writing in this genre.
  • [08:00] The many benefits of self-publishing your own books.
  • [12:30] How do you know if your book idea is good or which book idea should you choose?
  • [15:31] When you have multiple ideas, how do you decide on which book to write first?
  • [16:36] The process for what age group, genre and how many words to use in a children’s book.
  • [18:55] Let yourself get out your content, then break your written words up into sections.
  • [21:59] What your team should look like when you are publishing a children’s book.
  • [26:39] The cost of publishing a children’s book.
  • [30:07] Post-production work, check out upwork for options.
  • [32:20] Marketing, launching and making money with children’s books.
  • [36:20] Top three to five tips for writing your children’s book.
  • [40:35] How you sell to two different people – parents and kids.
  • [43:35] What works for children’s books when getting an idea of what works.
  • [46:12] If you want to be an author as your main gig.
  • [47:57] Look locally for children’s book events to read your book to children or your genre.
  • [49:55] Advice for what to consider if you’re considering writing a children’s book.

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