SPS 025: You Are a Writer, So Start Acting Like One with Jeff Goins

Posted on Oct 17, 2017

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Joining me today is my good friend Jeff Goins. Jeff is a full time writer living just outside of Nashville, TN with his wife, his son, and a border collie. Jeff is now the author of 5 books. Including the national bestseller The Art of Work. He is a podcaster and a blogger with his website Goins, Writer visited by over four million people from all over the world. If you Google “how to write a book” Jeff’s website is the number one result that comes up.

Jeff shares his writing process and how he has evolved as a writer. He also shares how much he loves writing and being a writer and how important words are in everything we do or want to do. We talk about the importance of preparation, writing outlines, and investing the work up front before writing. Jeff shares how he flushes out and explores ideas along with the importance of writing every day. He also shares his inspirational ideas about how to know when you are a writer and more.

You can find Jeff here:

Goins, Writer
Jeff Goins on Twitter @JeffGoins
Jeff Goins on Facebook
Books by Jeff Goins
The Art of Work

Show Notes

[01:28] Jeff continues to write because it is his calling and purpose. It’s his purpose in life to connect people with ideas.
[02:05] Words have the power to change the world. Every great movement begins with words.
[02:41] His writing process consists of creating an outline and then writing at least 500 words every day. Blogging helped give him the discipline to write on a daily basis.
[04:55] Jeff wrote Art of Work then scrapped that writing and did a lot of research and then rewrote it.
[05:58] The more Jeff’s writes the more time he spends preparing to write.
[06:24] The importance of the process of thinking about writing and finding the right idea.
[07:38] Jeff spent 5 months doing the research for his book that will take him 6 months to write. He first starts with an idea and then researches and tests that idea.
[09:23] Have an idea where you are going before you start. Invest the time before you start writing.
[10:39] Jeff chases what he is curious about, but most of his books come from personal experience.
[12:12] When Jeff gets an idea he then reads about that idea to see if he can put a unique angle on the topic.
[13:42] Read a few books and figure out what is missing and fill that niche.
[15:31] Writing in a way that will connect with the needs of the audience. Jeff tests his ideas on his blog and social channels.
[16:39] Making sure that you are talking about the right thing at the right time for the right person.
[18:10] Entering into a conversation and realizing that you have something that these people need.
[18:32] What it means to act like a writer. You are a writer when you say you are.
[20:57] To become a writer, you own the title and then start writing. Think like a pro and you will act like a pro. Practice writing.
[22:38] Books get written by a slow and steady prodding process. It all begins and ends with words.
[25:26] How easy it is to get discouraged. You need to love it and write for the people who need your message.
[26:26] People who love the writing and hate the marketing and people who hate the writing and love the marketing. Jeff is a marketer, but he loves both. Marketing is part of a writer’s job.
[27:46] The best marketing is done before the book is finished.
[32:18] Begining with an idea and a reader and filling in the in between.

Links and Resources:

Goins, Writer
Jeff Goins on Twitter @JeffGoins
Jeff Goins on Facebook
Books by Jeff Goins
The Art of Work
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
Peak by Anders Ericsson
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Love Does by Bob Goth

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