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Posted on Jul 4, 2017

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Welcome to episode 10 of the Self-Publishing School podcast. Today, I am joined by Grant Cardone, a New York Times bestselling author of five business books. Grant is among the top 10 social media influencers. He owns and operates four companies, and is the creator of a top sales training program with the world’s most visited online sales training university. He has worked with the U.S. Pentagon and high profile companies like Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Google.
We have an exciting conversation about how to use books to grow a business. Grant was inspired by his father’s love for calligraphy and writing and wanted to write a book since he was eight years old. He didn’t actually write one until he was 51 years old. Prior to that, he did write a bunch of training programs and workbooks on changes in the sales process. Then he wrote Sell or Be Sold which took him three hours to write. He pitched this book to a couple of publishers with no luck. He ended up self-publishing, and it is now in the top 1% of self-published books. Grant shares his experience with writing, selling, and promoting multiple products.

You can find Grant here:
Sell or Be Sold
Cardone University
Books by Grant Cardone
Grant on Facebook
@GrantCardone on Twitter

Show Notes

[02:49] Grant had a lifetime of information just waiting to come out, and he used it to write his first book in 3 hours.
[04:01] He wrote the book and wrote the chapters out. At the time, you want to be a seller, not a buyer to get money. He just shared what he knew and didn’t overthink it.
[06:03] When you finish your book, you are never done with producing great information. That’s where the subsequent books came from.
[07:40] The challenge with books is getting someone to read it.
[09:03] There are many people who aren’t readers, so create a quick read, a video, and audio version. Do what it takes to make the information consumable.
[09:57] The trick in writing is to stop worrying about the writing and focus on the selling.
[12:25] Grant does a video show every day to put on social media. He doesn’t care whether you like him or not. He wants you to know who he is and benefit from one of his products.
[14:00] The thinker loses to the doer. Be willing to sell to get your products noticed.
[19:30] Grant’s readers now go back and want to listen to his other books.
[20:37] When Grant was young, he had issues with substance abuse, but he cleaned up his act when he was 25 years old.
[22:07] In 2009, Grants real estate business was almost wiped out. The bank he owed money to went under and the new bank wanted the money. Grant was 51, and that is when he decided to become disciplined.
[24:23] You need to have other products besides your books. Think about how to get an idea to people.
[26:53] He creates ebooks about his books and webinars and other products to get the information out there.
[27:53] A book is a calling card the legitimacy is in the range of products. Market, sell, and promote multiple products.
[31:34] Reaching out to a specific product with an item that appeals to them. Be confident and sell.
[32:25] You can also build a product to appeal to a market or show you would like to be on.
[36:22] Grant is a master at setting hooks and getting people to pay attention. Regardless of whether they like him or not.
[38:53] A surprise speaking gig that made 100k was a result of one of Grant’s books.
[40:57] Writing to market and to sell, not to write.
Links and Resources:
Sell or Be Sold
Cardone University
Books by Grant Cardone
Grant on Facebook
@GrantCardone on Twitter

Grant Cardone at selfpublishing.com

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