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How Self-Publishing School Works

VIP: From Blank Page to Published Author

Step 1: Consult With A Publishing Success Strategist

Do you know you have a story inside you...but aren’t sure what that story is? Or maybe you’re already clear on the idea you have for your book… but aren’t quite sure if it’s a good one. 

Or maybe you’ve already started on your book, but for whatever reason… you’re just stuck.  

Wherever you’re at in your book writing process, the first step to working with Self Publishing School is to schedule a free Publishing Breakthrough Call with one of our world-class Publishing Success Strategists, who will work with you to get clarity on your book idea and build out a step-by-step roadmap to getting your book out of your head, onto paper, and launched to bestseller status.  

Because the success of our students is our #1 priority at Self-Publishing School, we are only able to work with students who are a good mutual fit for our program (we’re not able to work with everyone who applies).  

Therefore, scheduling a Book Breakthrough Call is mandatory before enrolling in the Self Publishing School VIP program.

Step 2: Your Book Clarity Call

As soon as you’re enrolled in the Self Publishing School program, you’ll be paired with an individual, an expert coach, who is already a bestselling author in your niche or genre. 

This coach will stay with you and work with you one-on-one throughout the duration of your Self-Publishing School enrollment, guiding you all the way from blank page to bestselling author.  

The first call you’ll hold with your coach will be a 60 minute Clarity Call, where your coach will drill down DEEP into your story, your experience, the goals and aspirations you have for your book, what you hope to achieve BEYOND writing your book...and most importantly, getting clear on your book idea, structure, and the target market for this book.  

Many of our students report that this initial Clarity Call more than doubled their investment in Self-Publishing School itself, cutting months of uncertainty, hesitation, and doubt away from their book writing process.  

When you leave this Book Clarity Call, you will have complete certainty around the path you need to follow to write your book and achieve the goals you’ve set.  

Step 3: Your Mind Map & Outline

The next step in the Self Publishing School process is to create your book Mind Map and Outline.  

With the help of your coach and Self Publishing School’s online education platform, you’re going to move through our “Rapid Book Mind Mapping & Outlining Process” where our students have gone from their Clarity Call to a fully completed, ready-to-write outline in as little as 24 hours.  

You’re not required to move that fast, but if you choose to - we give you the tools you need to do it :)  

Step 4: Your Rough Draft

Completing your Rough Draft is the most important milestone you’ll accomplish on your journey to bestselling author.

Once you finish your Rough Draft, everything else in your publishing journey will feel easier, and require less effort.  

And by following the Self Publishing School process, getting your rough draft written has never been easier. We’ll show you rapid writing strategies (and even a few strategies that don’t require you to type out your rough draft at all!) - all of which are made more efficient by the work you’ve already completed in your Clarity Call, Mind Map, and Outline.  

In addition to the strategies taught in the online education platform and the support of your coach, you’ll also be immersed in an active, engaged, positive community of other writers and authors who are in the exact same part of the process as you. In the SPS Mastermind Community, you’ll encourage one another and hold each other accountable, until you complete your rough drafts together and eventually publish your book together.

Step 5: Editing Your Book

Congratulations! You’ve just passed a milestone that fewer than 1% of aspiring authors ever do - you’ve completed your rough draft!

At this stage of the process - it’s all about self-editing. We’ll show you how to go through your rough draft and polish it up, ensure the entire book is coherent and flows smoothly, is all in your voice, and makes sense from start to finish. Your coach will also help you throughout this process as you take your book closer and closer to the publishing finish line.  

Once you’ve completed your self edits, you’ll be introduced to our carefully curated rolodex of approved (and world-class) book editors. And because you’re a Self-Publishing School student, you’ll receive access to these professionals at a rate lower than anyone else in the industry. 

Step 6: Book Production

Once your book is edited, it’s ready to be produced. 

You'll get access to Self Publishing School’s private rolodex of vetted cover designers, book formatters and book editors to turn your polished manuscript into a professional book ready for bestseller status. 

With our private rolodex we save our students a ton of money, time and stress by thoroughly selecting the top performers in our industry. Their prices and rates are not included in the cost of the program, since the needs of each of our student's books vary.  

This is the step where our students hold the physical copies of their books for the first time. For many of our students, this is where their hard work and labor of love finally becomes real, in the form of a physical book they can hold in their hands. 

Step 7: Launching to Bestseller Status

Congratulations! You’ve done it! Your book is written!  

Now it’s time to put it out in the world and launch it to bestseller status.  

The sad reality is, 90% of books sell less than 100 copies after they’re published...and this is due entirely to a poorly planned book launch strategy.  

At Self-Publishing School, we refuse to let that happen. 

Every Day, A Self-Publishing School Student Publishes a Book

Why choose the VIP Program?

After years of being on the front lines of publishing on Amazon (and after helping over 4,000+ students write and publish their OWN books), we’ve developed proprietary book launch strategies which we are so confident in, we GUARANTEE their effectiveness.  

You’ll receive clear instructions on how to rally support from your friends, family, and even strangers on the internet to build your Book Launch team.  

We’ll work with you to create a book launch email campaign and an Amazon pricing strategy to maximize the initial downloads your book will receive on Amazon.  

By working closely with your coach, the strategies we lay out for you, and with the support of our Mastermind Community, we guarantee that you’ll launch your book to bestseller status.  

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“81 percent of Americans want to write a book, only 1% actually do" New York Times Study

Review Fom Hal Elrod, Author of The Miracle Morning  

“Since I rarely promote may be wondering why I'm such an advocate for Chandler and Self-Publishing School??  

Because I've seen it work so many times! Dozens of members of our community have turned their dream of writing & publishing their first book into a reality with Chandler…”  

Hal Elrod, Author of the Miracle Morning 

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