SPS 061: Overcoming Fear & Imposter Syndrome To Write Your Faith-Based Book with Jennifer Allwood

Joining me today is Jennifer Allwood, she is an author, blogger, and podcaster who lives in Kansas City with her husband and four children. She is a speaker and influencer in the Christian space. Her book, Fear is Not The Boss of You is for any woman who has ever been overwhelmed with indecision, paralyzed with fear, or just plain stuck. She is a successful entrepreneur and business coach, who can teach you how to get out of your own way and get on the road to fulfilling the life of your dreams.

When she was little, Jennifer would tell people she wanted to write children’s books when she grew up as she loved reading. Although she has never written books for kids, Jennifer has extended her writing to her blog and her new book. Several years ago, she added her love of writing by creating content for social media to boost her business. Next, she was offered to write a book by a publishing company. After much thought, Jennifer decided that her most significant gift would be to tell other women how to get unstuck from their fears.

Jennifer also talks about her own fears, including training for a triathlon, her concerns during her book writing, and how she niched-down her book for her audience. She chats about how she decided “how much religion” to put in her book and talks about how she used social media to boost her book sales.

Listen in to find why she didn’t shy away from her religious-based niche, why she threw away her entire book with six days to publish, and how creative people think and work. Learn how imposter syndrome sneaks into the life and work of a creative, how to ask another person to endorse or promote your book, and what she would change or do differently when publishing her book.

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Show Notes

  • [01:36] Jennifer and I talk about our similar painting backgrounds.
  • [03:20] Why Jennifer decided to write her book and 
  • [05:46] Her transition from teaching painting to coaching women on how to market their business.
  • [08:15] Jennifer shares her fears she had during her writing process.
  • [12:37] Why she pursued a faith-based niche for her book.
  • [14:29] The process of creative thinking versus people who are not creative.
  • [16:10] How much religion is “too much” religion when writing a book.
  • [19:47] What Jennifer personally felt as a result of the pandemic affecting her book launch. 
  • [23:30] Social media marketing that worked well for launching Jennifer’s book.
  • [27:13] Jennifer’s other recommendations for your book launch.
  • [31:05] Fitting in or not fitting in with the world.
  • [32:32] How Jennifer runs her book club.
  • [34:49] Make your calls to action as simple as possible for people to do.
  • [35:33] Her advice to other women who are working to become authors.

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