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If you’ve published a book, you’ve probably noticed what many authors refer to as the “drop of death” in your book sales.  

A massive spike in book sales during your book launch for the first few weeks, followed by an equally sharp plummet in sales after the hype of your launch wears down… resulting in little to no ongoing sales.  

But what if there was a way to avoid this “drop of death” that most authors struggle with?  

What if there was a strategy to virtually guarantee your book would not just make sales during your launch, but would go on to continue making sales week after week and month after month for years to come?  

What if there was a formula to turn your book into a perennial seller?  

What if there was a formula to turn your book into a perennial seller?

 Over the last four years, my team and I have been on the front lines of self-publishing on Amazon…  

Testing strategies and tactics each and every day in the trenches, on our own books and on the books of over 4,000+ of our top students.  

And after four years of testing, we believe we’ve finally cracked the code on evergreen book sales.  

And we’ve packaged our ENTIRE “perennial book sales playbook” into our Sell More Books program.  

If the Self Publishing School VIP program is our “Bachelors” program, Sell More Books is the “Masters” program of Self Publishing School.  

Designed as the next step after the Self Publishing School VIP program, the Sell More Books program consists of an online education platform as well as one-on-one coaching with an individually assigned coach.  

You’ll learn directly from our top coaches how to turn your book into a perennial seller that brings in consistent revenue month after month.

Module 1: Mastering Launch Strategies

In this module, you’re going to receive step-by-step playbooks covering the 5 launch strategies you need to maximize your book sales and revenue.  

You’ll learn how to implement and execute: 

  • The Splash Launch
  • The Staggered Launch
  • The Classic Relaunch
  • The NYT, USA Today, and WSJ Best Seller List Launch  


Module 2: Mastering Email Marketing Strategies

An email list is an author’s most valuable asset, and in this module you’re going to learn exactly how to build one from scratch. Most importantly, you’re going to learn how to leverage your email list to maximum impact to drive more book sales and increase your income.  

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Starting an Email List
  • Email Nurture Sequences to drive book sales and sell products and services
  • Email Sales Funnels to sell Products and Services  


Module 3: Foundational Strategies

Learn the foundational strategies every author needs to increase their distribution, grow their influence, and predictably grow their book sales month after month. In this module you’ll learn exactly how to: 

  • Build Systems To Maximize Your Book Reviews 
  • Use Podcasts to Increase Your Brand & Book Sales
  • Strategies and Scripts to Land Celebrity / Influencer Endorsements
  • Repurpose Your Content & Increase Your Distribution (Taught by Joanna Penn)  

Module 4: Building Your Author Brand

There’s one thing that separates authors who are able to stand the test of time and launch book after book to bestseller status...their brand. In this module, you’re going to learn exactly what it takes to build and grow your author brand..and even how to land your first TEDx Stage. 

  • Creating Your Author Website 
  • Social Media for Authors
  • How to Land Your First TEDx Stage
  • Growing Your Author Brand  


Module 5: Advanced Marketing Strategies

This module contains the step-by-step playbooks you need to master book advertising and evergreen marketing strategies to maximize your book sales each month. 

  • Understanding & Launching Your BookBub Ads
  • Advanced BookBub Ads
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Advertising 
  • Mastering Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Advertising
  • Creating Your Free + Shipping Book Funnel 

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Why choose the SMB Program?

After years of being on the front lines of publishing on Amazon (and after helping over 4,000+ students write and publish their OWN books), we’ve developed proprietary book launch strategies which we are so confident in, we GUARANTEE their effectiveness.  

You’ll receive clear instructions on how to rally support from your friends, family, and even strangers on the internet to build your Book Launch team.  

We’ll work with you to create a book launch email campaign and an Amazon pricing strategy to maximize the initial downloads your book will receive on Amazon.  

By working closely with your coach, the strategies we lay out for you, and with the support of our Mastermind Community, we guarantee that you’ll launch your book to bestseller status.  

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Review Fom Hal Elrod, Author of The Miracle Morning  

“Since I rarely promote may be wondering why I'm such an advocate for Chandler and Self-Publishing School??  

Because I've seen it work so many times! Dozens of members of our community have turned their dream of writing & publishing their first book into a reality with Chandler…”  

Hal Elrod, Author of the Miracle Morning 

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