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What is Self-Publishing School?

If you made to this page, then there is definitely a book inside you.  

Can you take a second and imagine how life would be different right now if you had already published that book idea?  

That book could've been impacting millions of lives today, if you'd shared your story and your message.  

That book could've even been generating hundreds of thousands in revenue by building that extra credibility you needed to scale your business and close more clients.  

Or maybe that book could've been the life and impact you've always wanted to escape the monotony of your 9-to-5 job. 

I'm Chandler Bolt – and my goal is to help you find your book and turn it into a bestseller – even if you’re busy, idea-less, or bad at writing like me.  

In the last 4 years, I’ve published SIX bestselling books, all while helping thousands of non-writers in dozens of industries publish their own bestsellers.  

What’s the “secret”? A proven system to beat overwhelm and guide you from blank page to bestseller.  

– Chandler, CEO & Founder of Self-Publishing School

More than 4,527+ Self-Published Students in 65+ countries 

The Author Advantage Journey

After working directly with thousands of authors in the process of writing and launching their books (more than 5,000 to be precise) in the past couple of years, we've identified the most common problem all self-published authors go through at some point in their lives...  

We've been through all of these stages. After building a $10M+ book-based business through self-publishing we've identified what worked for us and craved the path for the authors that think they have what it takes to do the same. 

Mastermind Community

Of course questions come up when you're putting 50,000 words into a piece of paper - and that's totally fine.

Being part of our Mastermind Community is one of the things our students voted they like the most.  

It doesn't matter what question you have - there will be 2,000 people in the facebook group that are actually willing to help you instantly. 

Commiting to write a book can also be very very lonely - so it pays off to have the community to keep you accountable and excited towards your goals. You'll be in weekly Q&A calls, Group Coaching Calls, and Virtual Meetups all on different issues that authors face.

1-on-1 Guidance

So what if you don't have an actual idea yet?  

Or you are not really sure if your book could compete with all the other books on the same topic? 

If there's one thing that I think that every person should do when self-publishing, it's working with a coach.

Not just any coach - but somebody that has accomplished what you want to do successfully.

That's the easiest path to success that will literally save you thousands of hours of struggling, being frustrated, and failed book launches.

 Once you join Self-Publishing School you'll be paired up with our stellar coaches that have not just written and sold thousands of self-published books - but that have also helped other authors do the same! 

Self-Publishing School

Featured in the INC 5000 list as one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in America, the Self Publishing School is an online education company that teaches people how to write, market & publish their first book in as little as 90 days.

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Every Day, A Self-Publishing School Student Publishes A Book.

Will You Be Next?

Qat Wanders

The yoga teacher who was overwhelmed with the thought of writing a book until she found SPS. She added $30,000 to her income in the first month via leads from her book and even inspired her daughter to write her book at 7 years old! 

Amanda Florczykowski

After thinking about writing a book for around 3 years, Amanda Florczykowski went from ""I Really Can't Do This"" to publishing her book (in less than 6 months). 

Jake Gunnoe

His first book launch didn't do as well as he expected: just 60 books sold and a profit of $15 from his launch. After joining Self-Publishing School his second launch had more than 1700 sales and he is now motivating teens to find direction in their lives all over the world!

Anita Oommen

She published her book and also set an example for her 2 children to do the same! Imagine how different their lives are going to be being a published author before even going in to high school?  

Barbara Condra

Writing a book is challenging. Hundreds of thousands of people start writing a book every year but never end up finishing.  

Barbara knew herself and her schedule enough to accept that she wouldn't become an author without the right coach!

Brent Chesney

Brent's coworkers probably felt confused after he had a bad experience with his boss.  

What they didn't know is that that same experience made Brent a published Author

Erin Galyean

Even though she was an English Major in college, Erin Galyean still found so much helpful value in Self-Publishing School's content.  

She loves how the learning is self-paced so that you can have a career, be a mom and still be able to publish your book.

Dawn Sovinsky

After publishing and becoming a successful author, she looked back and realized she had no idea of what she was doing when she started.  

Her most important tip for upcoming authors is to team up with somebody that has been through the process so that you can save years worth of time!" 

Dot Nuechterlein

Dot found the support that she didn't even know that she would need with Self-Publishing School.  

Now she's able to live her purpose and connect women that are going through the aging process all over the world!

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