Finally – a step-by-step plan to beat the blank page.

Create your Mindmap and Outline in a single day!

Like you, I just knew there was a book inside me, a story I had to tell.

It’d been on my bucket list, and I was certain it’d help me create a business I loved.

But when I started my first book, I was terrified of the blank page.

Every time I tried to find the right word, I second-guessed myself.

I didn’t even have a plan for the next sentence, let alone the next chapter.

So I got frustrated, overwhelmed, and distracted.

One minute I’d be “writing” – the next minute I’d be:

  • Reading articles about writing – instead of putting something down on paper
  • “Thinking about” what I was going to write
  • Checking Facebook
  • Anything other than writing

Sound familiar?

I wanted to be an author more than anything.

But without a plan, I found myself doing almost everything except writing.

Maybe you’re like I was: Busy. Stuck. Unsure where to start – or what to do next. Even bad at writing.

If you’ve struggled, it’s not your fault.

Because the problem isn’t us – it’s the writing system we use.

You just need to get started!

“nobody should have to start from scratch”

My first mistake was starting from a blank page.

Do that and it’s almost impossible to see how your ideas fit together – let alone write a book that you don’t have to completely reorganize.

But when you change your approach and create a blueprint, an outline, first, words just flow out of you.

And writing suddenly becomes easier, simpler, and faster.

I’ve spent years breaking down and testing the most effective systems and techniques to go from blank page to outline – and rapidly turn your “roadmap” into a finished book.

And I want to share that exact system, my secret weapon, with you.

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I’ve been quietly working with my product team to develop an in-depth starter course that guides you through every stage of getting started with your book.

You’ll go from blank page to finished product faster and easier than ever with this system, which includes:

  • A “first session” coaching video with one of our resident writing coaches
  • The exact outline that helped me write my latest bestseller in just a few months – while running a 7-figure business and traveling with friends
  • An official book idea finder to help you hone in on your first book topic
  • A real life example from a SPS Self-Published bestselling author
  • A tutorial video that covers EXACTLY how to go from mindmap to finished outline
  • Printable PDF templates to help you get started with your information dump
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Mindmapping Secrets: Just one of the video training sessions to help you get your ideas out of your head and onto paper even faster.

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