SPS 211: Writing A Book While Raising 8 Kids & Running A 7 Figure Business with January Donovan

Posted on May 24, 2023


Chandler Bolt [00:00:02] Hey Chandler Bolt here and joining me today is Jan Donovan. Jan is the founder of the woman’s school in the wholeness Coaching School. She’s been training women for over 20 years. And in 9 years, she built a multimillion dollar business, reaching thousands of students across 40 countries. She’s the mom of eight kids and the author of her brand new book, I’ve Got It here. It’s called Redefine Success for Women. I’m especially proud of this book because we helped with it, which is pretty fun. And it looks amazing. She did an awesome job with this book. And so today we’re going to talk about, Hey, how can you write a book that grows your business? How can you do it while being a mom, while being busy, while having a lot of stuff going on? I got a bunch of questions. I think this is going to be a really fun one into January. Welcome. To have you here. 

January Donovan [00:00:53] Thank you. It’s the book is possible because of everything that you’ve done for me. So I’m very grateful to be here. 

Chandler Bolt [00:00:59] So I guess, first and foremost, why write a book while raising eight kids and running a seven figure business? I think the 70 seconds sounds absolutely crazy. Why did you do it? And I guess why A book to grow your business. 

January Donovan [00:01:16] Yeah. So, you know, if I were to look back, I would have written a book sooner. I think it would have really leveraged the business faster because it brings in all of everything that will believe in in one book. So to me, it was having something tangible to say. This is what we do in our business. This is what we believe in. And I don’t have to do a lot of explaining. It’s all in one place. So that was one, you know, and we’ve got, you know, 350 coaches. It really made their life so much easier because everything we believe in is one book and one little book that you can just say, here is and that was on. So it was a no brainer I want to do. It took me a while to actually get the time, but I should really commit to it. And I think that was where your team helped me. Mom of eight. You know, the biggest beautiful thing that happened here was when I committed to it. My children saw me, walked my journey of I’m committing to it. I only have one month to write my outline and one then one month to write my book. And they saw me like literally say, Listen, I need you to take care of the little ones while Mommy fulfills her call right now to write this book. And then I wrote the book and I read them manuscript I wrote in a month, and I literally would do 14 hours a day. And I had to throw it away because it was it was so bad. Chandler I couldn’t put anything. So they saw me fail the summit recommit again and they saw me like, so to me, I can’t teach them that they had to really I to model that for them and then to do it in joy. Like it wasn’t stressful. Yes, it was a lot of work and but it was they saw the joy of fulfilling a purpose. So it was for the business life changing. But really for my family, it was transformative in their ability to pursue me. 

Chandler Bolt [00:03:03] That’s cool. Life changing for the business, transformative for the family. That’s amazing. I want to get into a lot of the business stuff later, but I guess first, any practical tips for moms who are wanting to write a book as you make the time? How do you find the time like anything that worked well or that you think would be helpful for other moms? 

January Donovan [00:03:23] Yeah, Number one, accountability period. My coach, Brad, which I love through self-publishing school, said, you have a month do it. And so I. Like a good student said. Really? Are you sure? It’s like a month. So having that kind of ability, number one, is hands down the best thing. Number two, when you’re committing to something this vague, you literally look at every part of your life and design it for that season where you’re like, I have one month. I need to do 10 hours a day. Where does my home help look like? Where does my, you know, my own nutrition look like I needed to eat healthy is I can focus on the book. What is my date night look like? What does every part And you know, the woman’s school we look at every part. We call it Arena Woman’s life. So I needed to redesign my month on a very practical level to be very strategic about the time I was investing. And so that, you know, food still on the table, Kids are still happy, date nights still happening in spite the fact I was pulling 10 hours and we would have date night and I would go to my office and Ryan, we would do like 2 hours a day night and we would buy food and then he would help me. Like if you’re very intentional about it and you’re committed to not compromising parts of your life, you can not only write a book, but write it, write a book, enjoy in peace, and the journey is just as great as a reward of actually achieving it. 

Chandler Bolt [00:04:42] MM That’s awesome. You talked about rearranging your calendar. Anything practical there or things like was there anything that you’re like, I’m going to stop doing this for a month or I’m going to need help with this for a month or anything? 

January Donovan [00:04:57] Yes, on a very practical level, I told my children. All hands on deck. You’re in charge. I’m writing a book. So they really had to step up. Like, you know, I needed them to put the kids to bed so everybody had to step up. I needed to write the menu for a whole month. As a matter of fact, I told my children to write a menu for a whole month. My team knew I was out of pocket. So, you know, it really forces you to say leverage. You’re doing this, you’re doing this, you’re doing this. So on a very practical level, I sort of plan what the whole month was, where I was away, down to the menu, down to I was eating down to and I think I took 2 hours of just very strategic planning and it kind of took care of what my month look like. Working backwards is the most important thing that I always say. I’m like, if we needed to want this book done by X, Y and Z, then by December 2nd, this needs to be done on a very practical level, like. When you give yourself a deadline and a time and you saying that’s all you have, it’s always amazing how much you get done. And generally that was from you. I remember sitting down, I went to, you know, the book writing session, which I didn’t think I was going to able to write that book. I was just thinking about writing it. And I remember you said, Well, I told myself I was gonna write a book by December. I wrote it in September. And so I did. I was like, Who does that? People who have no kids, maybe. I said, I don’t like that can happen to me. Like I got eight kids, I’m running. And it was a decision. And then Brett came along with an accountability to back up my decision, which I don’t think would have happened if I didn’t have that accountability. 

Chandler Bolt [00:06:33] Hmm, that’s great. I love the intentionality around the planning out the month. And I think, yeah, just really I mean, the big takeaway for everyone, right? It’s definitely a short term sacrifice, but you’re creating an asset that will live forever, and that’s an asset that will be a part of your impact, will be a part of your legacy. And in your case, you know, you said, hey, I’ve got 350 coaches, like now they can use this as the manual. This is bringing in customers. This is helping the customers that you have. I mean, it’s it’s it’s leveraged impact by creating the time to do it. So that’s really cool. Let’s talk briefly. How did you find out about us self-publishing dot com and then why did you decide to work with us? 

January Donovan [00:07:16] Okay, so I’m going to answer that question. A hot minute Redefining Success for women. It’s kind of like walking my journey. Like the whole story of redefining success is that it’s not just about the achievement, it’s the journey to getting there. So I actually walk that process. Chandler What I teach women. So it was really neat to just not write a book of teaching it, but really I walked the journey without realizing it in that three months. So anyways, just putting it out there for women. Okay, so how did you find us? So five years ago I was, you know, trying to pursue a dream of writing a book. And I have trained women for 20 years and at that point I did it for free for 15 years. I never really charge a dime. I didn’t want to didn’t know how to build a business. I was in it for the business. I was in it because I just believed in it. And so I was so like, I’m done. I’m done with women. And so I went into how do I help raise family? And so I kind of tried to run away from my call because I don’t want to go to business. That’s the honest truth. And so I then wrote a book for Children script book, because I was training my kids and mindset. And so I found you because I don’t know if when Yeah, I heard your story of you were just you’re doing something fun and you realized people wanted to know how you actually got a bestseller on Amazon. And so I bought your course and followed it to a T like a good student. I am a good student and we achieved bestseller status. And I am like an immigrant who didn’t really learn how to write. So it was really kind of phenomenal. I remember carrying that book. I followed your training to a T with Ryan to help my husband, and I remember that moment were like, Oh my gosh, like this is achievable. So that’s actually how I learned about use. I’ve always kind of learned about you. But then anyways, I pivoted and found my call and built a business. And so you left a voicemail. It was a voicemail. Terrible. Everyone say, I’m coming in writing a book live, Will you do it? And I was like, Oh, this is my opportunity to actually write a book that I wanted to write for the business. I never really thought I had the time, honestly, I just I didn’t have the time. That was the honest truth. Because you’re running a business, you’re, you know, raising children. And so I thought, I’m going to commit to just going there to write a book for the weekend. That was my intention at that one phone call. Open the door for that one. Yes. And in that weekend, I committed to your coaching program that I don’t think I would have written a book without it. That’s my honest truth. And so I think, yeah, that’s how I heard about you. And that’s why I believe in it, because it works. I’m a walking product of why work for me. 

Chandler Bolt [00:09:59] Yeah, that’s cool. And could it cool to see that? Because I didn’t even know the earlier part about you working with us back in the day. I guess the first time we met was the in-person event. Right to get published workshop or we’re trying to write a rough draft in a weekend and you brought your team to that event. And then we worked with you and then worked with your team on, I think, two books simultaneously. So what was the thought process behind having your team work with you? How did you do that? I think I think, if I’m not mistaken, you had someone on your team write a separate book and then you wrote and you wrote two books separately that you’re both using those books to grow the business. But like, what was the thought process behind that and how have you met anything that you would recommend for other business owners who are thinking about working with their team to write a book? 

January Donovan [00:10:47] Yeah, I just think that well, so I now I teach them how to build a business from a woman who ran away from trying to build a business. I now teach them how to build, you know, six figure business initially in that first year. So the reason why I encourage our team is because I just I didn’t want to I really believed I knew was going to be a game changer. So I don’t think it’s just for me to write a book. I really want to encourage all our coaches to write a book. I also wanted to encourage our team. So the thought process was everybody needs to write a book because if I were to look back, I would have written it sooner. So I gave them sort of the opportunity to to kind of do it sooner than I did. Just I think it makes business a whole lot easier in a sense that you’re able to really give them a packaged product of what you do, what you think. So that was my thought process is that everybody in the team. Shriver. 

Chandler Bolt [00:11:41] And so has that book published as well. I think it was it. Shontell That. 

January Donovan [00:11:45] Yeah. Sean No, not yet. We’re we’re not yet. It’s because we’re going to it was re strategizing. So we have a coaching program. So we were on the woman school, the man school, and then one school in Espanol and then the honors coaching school. So our business grew exponentially faster than we could sort of keep up with writing a book. And so we’re just trying to figure out where do we focus our energy, Let’s, you know, figure out our our resources and time to put in one book and then build into the coaching brand because we want to kind of pull into our school. So we have a school and and a coaching school. So that’s sort of the next thing in the docket. 

Chandler Bolt [00:12:25] And so the thought is write targeted books that are around a subject that leads to a specific business or sub business unit that you have. 

January Donovan [00:12:34] I would say so. And that from this experience, I’ve been really inspired. So I you know, I’m about ready to launch a post partum course and a pregnancy course, and I’m just going to write a book right alongside it, just a mini sort of a version book. So now that you’ve taught me how to do it once and your team, then it’s just a matter of just producing it. So it’s like teaching. You taught me how to fish and I was just like, I’m not going to write a course without a book anymore. That’s so silly. I you know, I literally just this Q1 wrote a course on women’s fulfillment that was alongside the book, and I wrote a workbook that was sort of like a book right alongside it. So it really opened doors of possibilities of sort of what you jumpstarted. 

Chandler Bolt [00:13:18] That’s awesome. And yeah, because for anyone who has created a course, you’ve written a book, you just didn’t know it yet. I mean, the chapters, the sections are the lessons, the modules, the videos. And that’s what’s beautiful about the whole thing is, is the course can feed the book sales, the book sales fee, the course sales. And it’s kind of this symbiotic relationship where you’re also allowing people to learn in the way that they learn best. Right. Yeah. So if someone says, Hey, I’d read the book within, they might go into it to work with you. How have you seen that play out in your business? 

January Donovan [00:13:51] Oh, tremendous. So, you know, I’m a really good student. Can you tell? So you are. You’re sitting there, You’re like, write your best thing, whatever your courses. Put it all in the book and put all your best stuff in the book. And that was sort of an aha for me. I was sitting there and June 3rd and so when I wrote the book, I’m like, Well, Chandler said, you write basically you almost write a summary of your book, right? And you put your best stuff. So that’s what I did. So the we you know, we have a course that’s this course is what’s taking us to 40 countries, this one course alone. So it’s silly to think that we don’t have a book around it. So I literally just wrote the book then. Now it’s leading people to the course. But not only that, it’s leading. People were injured in our coaching program, you know, to the coaching program because the book is really the entry point that’s allowing them to kind of see. So it really sort of creates a great funnel of awareness. But not only that, like the podcast that’s opened up for the speaking engagement, you know, that sort of opened up. It was really I just you can’t not write a book, is what I’m saying. If you’re in business, I just think it’s it’s a really missed opportunity. And I think you’re you, you, you’re afraid to call. You’re working harder without it. 

Chandler Bolt [00:15:06] Yeah. Yeah. And yeah, the the book brings leverage to the impact and to making the work that you’re doing in the business. I want to talk more about business growth from the book here in just a second, but let’s zoom in briefly on the launch. So how did you launch this book successfully? And for those who weren’t watching on the YouTube channel, I’m holding up, her book redefined success for one. So how did you launch this book successfully and any tips for business owners or moms launching a book? 

January Donovan [00:15:37] So I followed your marketing. And so when we did the accelerator program, you don’t you I remember you said the best thing that we do is write a book, but then also afterwards, the best thing that we did, the second best thing to do is actually really help you market the book. So we created a launch team, just like you said, and you know, and to be honest with you, we didn’t have the time because it was sort of fast, because somehow we do things fast. And it was just a month for me to write a book and launch it. But it still worked. It’s still, you know, you team help us. They went above and beyond to make sure we met our deadline. I had to speak English with John Maxwell and and my lot and we really wanted our book done by that weekend. So they went above and beyond to help us get those done and the dates. And we sort of squeezed what you taught us into a shorter version timeframe, got a launch team, got the reviews and, you know, get that bestseller status. That was it’s a very strategic thing. And I think that I. Don’t know if it would. I don’t know. How would you know to do that any other way? You know, unless you would have we would have known that process through your coaching or your coaches. So. 

Chandler Bolt [00:16:50] And so I’m assuming you had a large team probably with some customers. You know, that’s obviously one of the big things that we teach. Any is there one or two other things that you did that you feel like moves the most books as as part of the launch? 

January Donovan [00:17:07] I think we just morally mobilized. Ah, you know, we have 40,000 people in our database and we just invited them to say this is. We just shared it. The other thing I think is that we shared it with some influencers who were able to sort of share it that were probably was one of the things that we did. Yeah, I think that whole process was, was a lot of learning, but it was I think it’s simple. You just need to know what to do. And so when you hear about selling statistics, you know, it’s like we once you have it, you kind of have it right for life. It’s like you achieve that by sinusitis. And so I think knowing what to do is a key ingredient. And I think you’ve got lots of that in your course. 

Chandler Bolt [00:17:53] Yeah. 

January Donovan [00:17:54] Is also on the bus. 

Chandler Bolt [00:17:55] Yeah. Well, because as you alluded to, I mean, one of my core philosophies is give away all of your best stuff for free and people will pay you to tell it to them again. 

January Donovan [00:18:04] Did say that. 

Chandler Bolt [00:18:06] Doesn’t make the book great. And if you’re going to and this is, I think, really important takeaway for anyone thinking about, you know, the course, the book or book, the course, that whole whole model and process is make the book great and so great that people will say, Wow, this was really helpful. I want to work with Jan, I want to work with Chandler. I want to work with the author of this book. Right. And but you do that not by making your book a glorified sales pitch, but by giving away great stuff and some of your best stuff. And then, of course, they’re going to be able to go more in depth in your course or of course they’re going to be able to get more help from working with you one on one or in a group setting through your coaching. But in my opinion, and not even just in my opinion, I think I’ve just seen this play out as fact is people are more likely to work with people when when it’s a great book, you say this is really helpful. And now I learned all this stuff and I kind of don’t want to do it all myself, so I’d rather just pay you and get your help. Right. So you alluded to this a second ago. You said, Hey, I got that speaking gig with Ed Mallet and John Maxwell, and that motivated you to get the book down so it could be ready by the time of that conference. How did you get that speaking gig and then how did you kind of use that as a motivator to get your book done? 

January Donovan [00:19:23] You know, it’s it’s connecting with people. That’s how we got the speaking guy gets connecting with the people. And as you know, you want to be able to have the conversations with the people who are actually building the business. So that’s really how we got it. And somebody sort of say, Hey, would you like to be? So I think you need if you’re out there in business, one of the things that I’m in, I’m an introvert, so I don’t necessarily like to always sort of be networking. It’s just something that is a bit more of a challenge for me, especially because I meet kids, but there’s really no way around it. You know, you have to connect with people. And so doors open when you connect with people. And I think the one thing that I really realize in Business Traveler is generosity. So what I mean by that is you get your best stuff in the book. People will give it right back to you. You know, when you give, you receive. It’s the same thing with connecting with people. When you are generous with people and you connect people. And we realize that’s just the best way for people to also want to work with you. It’s just that generous heart. And sometimes in business, especially when you’re starting, it’s easy to feel this scarcity me like I’m not going to share my good stuff or I’m not going to connect with this people. I’m not going to. And it’s a quickest way to actually fizzle out in business. And what I find generous, the most successful people in business are the ones that are generous in spirit, and they’re just not afraid to share the best stuff, connect people with people. And I just love that spirit, I think. And I think that’s something that I. It’s benefited us in business. 

Chandler Bolt [00:20:55] Well, so I you know, you talked about our actually, I want to keep an eye on one thing, and I got a couple more questions about using the book to grow your business. So one takeaway I think from this that I’m just now I’m seeing, oh, there’s a pattern here is for people who are writing a book, what is a an anchor point or an event in your life that you can anchor to that that will cause you to get the book done by that date right? For you. It was that important speaking gig. I’ve seen multiple people there. I have got this event, I’ve got this gig. For some people, it’s like I’ve got a due date and I’m about to have a baby and so I need to get this book done before I have a gig. Whatever that thing is in your life, find that event that you know will be motivating for you and then work backwards from that event. I want to I want to touch on a little bit more on the business. So obviously, it hasn’t been too long since you’ve launched the book at the time of recording this interview. What’s it been, two months? 

January Donovan [00:21:56] Three months? Yeah. 

Chandler Bolt [00:21:58] Two months. So what are the biggest wins, tangible wins for your business in those two months already from the book? 

January Donovan [00:22:08] I think podcast opportunities with people that are, you know, have great audiences because automatically we give them the book, like you said, and share with them. So I would say Doors of connection are open. We, I, I, we’re now going to a speaking tour so actually this is huge thing I forgot to mention. So the book is based on our course and a lot of people from the book really what we said, well, why don’t you go around the country and doing a book tour workshop? So we kind of gave birth. Sorry, that’s my language too. This crazy idea of doing a workshop tour around the country where I’m basically taking a part of the book and teaching people how to design their life. So from the book people were asking, Can you do a live workshop on the book? So now we are planning this for the year, which is huge because I was not intending that at all pre book like. And then when people wrote when the women are read the book, they said, Can you do this? And so that’s probably the two biggest thing that was born out of it is now we’re going to go around the country and share the book. And also Barnes and Noble opened up. We got our you know, we’ve got a book signing coming from Barnes Noble. So I mean, we’re just two months in. I just it’s funny that you say that because I’m like, seems like someone can do a lot of things, you know, But it’s really just kind of two months in and we’re just starting to just even market the book. Like really we’re just getting into like we just had our meeting and like, okay, the dust has settled because we’ve had a couple of workshops and speaking and now, you know, our goal and what you said that it’s like it’s not one and done. The book continues to be leveraged if you make it so. So now what’s the strategy for this year? Right. What’s the strategy for next year to not stop? That’s what we’re working on right now, is now the book. You know, when the dust has settled, how do we continue to use this book to reach more people? And you said it in our podcast or podcast, you’re like, Well, give away the book in every every home. It’s like, what is it? Paint. Paint. You want to paint how you know. 

Chandler Bolt [00:24:15] You’re Is this published? Yeah, it’s I’m trying to do with my book. Yeah I just give it away everywhere. Speaking gigs to customers everywhere. 

January Donovan [00:24:23] Yeah. And I just think, wow, that’s again another form of generosity. And I told our team that the other day. Like I said, I’m a good student and I take notes and I say, Well, we just need to switch our strategy because I’m not. Gemma is the expert. We do what he’s doing. So how do we use this book to really not just not, you know, use it to build a business, but if you really believe in a product, I believe in the work that I do. I believe in helping them and design a fulfilling life, whether they buy it or not, I want it in their home. You know, like you said, like, I want them to be able to use this. And I trust that they’re going to they’re going to know that we’re an expert in this field and they’re going to come back when the time is right. 

Chandler Bolt [00:25:04] So that’s great. And I love that you’re taking the approach that we teach, which is in that even though we teach it, a lot of people ignore it, which is is the one year launch, not the one week launch. So many people focus all of their effort on launch week and not launch year. And so I love that you’re two with two months in and you’re saying, hey, we’re really just getting started marketing the book because that’s the way it should be in my opinion. And it’s how you go from that Toyota Camry or the the Lamborghini launch where it’s a flash in the pan. It’s sexy, it’s fun, but then, you know, it’s exhausting and it’s gone. I use up all this fuel in launch week is gone, and then it just sits on the shelf, doesn’t sell. Right. But instead, you’re taking the one year launch in that Toyota Camry approach, which is how do we keep this book sell? And long term, which I think is awesome. It goes back to. 

January Donovan [00:25:54] The ball, I think. Chandler Sorry. I think it’s a like if you’re in business for a short spurt and you’re not really thinking strategically, it’s easy to to think about a one launch and get excited and then run. But if your goal is to build a, you know, a business that’s going to last, it’s really sustainable through different seasons of business. And we don’t have a choice but to think about it more on a yearly basis. So I think that I’m not in it for a quick I’m in business, I’m in this because I really believe in this work for probably doing for the rest of my life. So we have to think in decades and you have to think so. I think it goes back to what your goals are in business. 

Chandler Bolt [00:26:31] Completely agree. Play the long game, not the short game. What was the most helpful part of working with us and the other Being Accelerator program? 

January Donovan [00:26:42] Oh, gosh. That’s a good question. Dr. Question. I don’t know. Maybe accountability? I think well, yes, accountability. But I think I think be people can write a book, but maybe can you write a book that’s going to be strategically leveraged? I think what you’re offering in the training is what’s valuable, because I know people read a book and it’s one and done and they don’t know how to market it. And it’s almost a wasted it’s not a wasted book, but in some degree, if you don’t know how to leverage the book, then you could be the best kept secret book. So I think the way you strategically teach your course to launch it, to podcasts, to launch it to speaking, I think your training is pretty amazing, honestly. And I think you’ve done your I can I know you’re suited to a lot of these things. So I, I came back from that author book work weekend and I had to write a webinar and I literally followed your webinar to a T. And so I think the the portal of all the courses that you have is very valuable. 

Chandler Bolt [00:27:51] Oh, cool. Yeah, because you use that in the PR and speaking training, everything. 

January Donovan [00:27:56] Yeah. 

Chandler Bolt [00:27:57] Yeah. 

January Donovan [00:27:57] I was there in the hotel on my way out in the airport and I was like, well, you know, and I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of this point, thousands of webinars, I think it’s not like I’m a newbie to this, you know? But I went back and I did your stuff and I’m like, Well, I’m going to follow this great, you know, the framework. So it was familiar to me, but it also there had all these different great ways of you. I think that puts in your unique spin. I just think the training is valuable if somebody is listening here. Yeah, the new ones I know better. Part of me. 

Chandler Bolt [00:28:28] It work better how to go, how the how the training. 

January Donovan [00:28:30] But it was it was great. I mean I you know I you use it to basically I do we do webinars all day long so I love the way you did it. It was I think your delivery I the one thing I really enjoy about working with you so far, Chandler, is the genuineness that you I think, come across that makes a huge difference. I love the way you were so genuine in the way you deliver the webinar, because I actually saw you deliver the webinar that I saw you teach it. So. Right. And you know, I think that. 

Chandler Bolt [00:29:01] Yeah, the experience it and then the behind the scenes. Yeah, I do if I were you is, is if you haven’t already is send people on your team who do trainings in webinars through that training. 

January Donovan [00:29:11] That’s a. 

Chandler Bolt [00:29:12] Great idea. That’s what we do because we have a bunch of internal speakers that they’ll go speak at events, they’ll do webinars. So it’s literally that training is what we send our internal speakers through. 

January Donovan [00:29:22] It’s a great How do you. 

Chandler Bolt [00:29:23] Craft a talk that converts? How do you set up your slides? What are presentation tips like, what are all those things to make those, those webinars can. 

January Donovan [00:29:31] Oh, thank you for that. I want to do that. I literally followed it to a teach handler. It was like slide beside a different picture of my house in front of picture of the house that you were thinking of buying it, fix it up, or there was this tree I probably remember talking about that you would try to get rid of the tree in the lesson. So I anyways, I’m a good student. That’s probably my best asset is I’ll just all the things to a tee and thank you for sharing that. We’ll do that with our team. 

Chandler Bolt [00:29:56] Of course. Last couple of questions I have. One is so I remember us having a conversation at the get published kind of in-person workshop and you’re like, then I don’t know, what should I do this? Should I not? Should we work together? I got a lot going on and is this really going to help? And I would imagine that a lot of people listening to this podcast or who have ever thought about working with us probably asked those same questions. So what’s kind of your on being on the other side of that? Any any takeaways or things that you would share for people who are thinking about working with us? 

January Donovan [00:30:30] I’m a massive action taker, which is what took us to 40 countries in three years. So when people are hesitating, you’re just holding yourself back, you know? And so my decision was, was I knew what the decision I needed to make, to be honest. I needed to sell my husband on the decision because, you know, we we built a company together. So and he understands it. So if anybody here is listening and you’re going I don’t know. I don’t know. At the end of the day, you’re never going to know and there’s never going to be a right time. And if there’s a woman who can write a book in a month with eight kids running multiple business, like it’s not only possible, it’s it’s you can do it without losing your hair or your peace of mind. So if you commit to that decision and you strategically design your life to be able to honor the decision, you’re going to be a different woman after you write that book or man or woman who was listening here. So, you know, the hesitation holds us back. And you know that, right? And even if, you know, you go into it. There’s always so much wisdom and knowledge you learn from just taking action, period. So I just don’t hesitate. And people that hesitate, I think you lose, you know, you lose opportunities out there. 

Chandler Bolt [00:31:49] So it’s great. 

January Donovan [00:31:50] That’s my only advice. I Mike, just take action. Just jump. 

Chandler Bolt [00:31:54] Up. 

January Donovan [00:31:55] And you jump when you’re before you’re ready. You know, it wasn’t in our budget, I’ll tell you that. I’m like, I came in there and I was like, I’m just over the weekend and, you know, you have your budget for business. And I walked out of there and I was like, Well, we’re just going to put it in the budget and figure out so you make it work. 

Chandler Bolt [00:32:13] That’s cool. So obviously, you know, kind of it’s fun to look at this now because we’re at the time of recording this almost a year is not really nine months maybe from when you attended that workshop. And then that was just the catalyst. And now you’ve got the book done and all that stuff. And so we’ve obviously got our big our big conference, virtual conference out there, Binge Live, where I think a lot of people are going to walk a similar path that you’ve walked where it’s okay, they show up, they get inspired, and then some people take action, some people decide to work with us. You’re going to be sharing some things and part of your journey at that workshop or sorry, at that live event, you want to give us a sneak peek at some of the stuff you might be sharing and any advice for people who are thinking about attending that event? 

January Donovan [00:33:00] Yes. So sneak peek. I just want to share how the book really helps us build our brand. But not just a brand for business, because maybe there somebody out there that’s not building a business, but brand for your life. I think that’s important to understand. Like the book that I wrote was helpful for our business, but equally as helpful to my family. So whether you’re in business or not, if you are thinking of a book, it’s because that desire is there for you to give birth to, like our desires, reveal our call, you know, call to write the book in that particular season. So I want to share sort of that journey, what that looks like, but why it’s so important for you to build your brand and why should you attend? Because if you don’t take action to that desires in your heart. It’s going to feel yucky. I mean, that’s the honest truth. You know, if you’re thinking to write a book and you have that urge and you’re like here listening because there’s some inkling interest and you don’t move and take action, you’re going to feel the burden of a potential, an unmet desires. And I know that because I’ve trained thousands of hundreds of thousands of women who ignore their desires and they wake up one day and they’re resentful and they compare others with other people who’ve done what they love to do. So you can’t afford not to take action to just see if, you know, this idea of writing a book is even possible, because that’s a for me. Even even though I wanted to write a book, I wanted it. I wasn’t even thinking of making that sort of leap in that first year. I thought, Well, let me just open the door a little bit. And then when that one action led to the next door opening to the next door opening, you don’t have all the answers. You just need to take the first step. 

Chandler Bolt [00:34:42] Yeah, that’s cool. And then we came running in and kicked down the door and said, We’re. 

January Donovan [00:34:47] Pretty much you’re jumping. That’s kind of what you did. And I’m grateful for it. And I thought I thought it was crazy at that moment, to be honest. You know, we were just launching our coaching and we filming everything I had just got done re filming our whole entire masterclass. And it just was sort of like, there’s no way, there’s no time. And that’s why I think the coaching is priceless. And I just want to, you know, Brett has been that’s my coach and they say, we’re going to find you the best coach, Mike. At least find the best coach. So I really need help. And they did. You sort of match me as I think the best person for you. And he has been really just great to work with. And he’s sort of pushed me, matter of fact. And that’s kind of what I needed. Mike Now is there you know, you just, you know, in January, that’s it period. We can you talk about you want me to produce? 

Chandler Bolt [00:35:39] Yeah, that’s great. And the answer to Coach match kind of pairing is I feel like it’s super important. Well, guys, if you’re thinking about joining us for author manage live go to author manage live dot com grab a ticket they won’t be on sale for much longer and depending on when you’re watching this so grab a ticket it’s a live virtual experience you can watch from home. You don’t have to fly anywhere. It’s three days. It’s in June this year. You can find all the details. The author event is live dot com. As we get closer to the event, prices and tickets go up. So grab ticket and show up and you’ll get to learn from January some more and some other awesome speakers at the event that you’re not going to want to miss. So go to other in this live grab a ticket. We hope to see you there January. This has been awesome. 

January Donovan [00:36:29] Thank you so much. Fun. 

Chandler Bolt [00:36:30] Fun. Where can people go to find out more about your book? To buy your book, to check out more about what you’re up to? 

January Donovan [00:36:37] Great. The book is on Amazon Redefine Success for Women Proven Blueprint to Design a Fulfilling Life. And then you can find me at the Woman School dot com or Instagram. Jan Donovan or the woman school. So. 

Chandler Bolt [00:36:51] There’s the book right there. Find it. Grab a copy. It’s a thick book. 

January Donovan [00:36:56] It is. It’s 350 pages. I couldn’t believe it. 

Chandler Bolt [00:37:00] Lots of good stuff in there. Jan, I’m excited for you. I’ll keep cheering you on and helping you with this book and with your business. It’s been really, really inspiring to see and really inspiring to be a part of. So thanks for everything. 

January Donovan [00:37:16] Thank you. 

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