SPS 164: Turning Your Chronic Illness Into A Book That Impacts Millions Of Readers with Tori Geiger

Posted on Jul 6, 2022


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Tori Joy Geiger is the survivor of a congenital heart defect (CHD). She’s also a business owner and the author of From Vulnerable to Victorious: Turning Your Chronic Illness Into Your Victory Story, a book about turning adversity like a chronic illness into something empowering and impactful. Tori is also a college athlete, course creator, and SPS member. It is inspiring to have Tori on the show to talk about her book and SPS experience. She also attended Author Advantage Live and joined our accelerator program. She launched her course before her book to build a super helpful platform for building her launch team.

We talk about everything from the stress of writing and launching a book to how telling a personal story can be therapeutic, but you also relive the trauma. Tori even ended up in the ER while writing her book. Tori also shares her method for getting ten podcast interviews in three weeks and how she used BombBomb videos to connect with people she reached out to and email subscribers. We learn about the writing process, what was the most difficult, and what Tori learned along the way. We also know how she overcame self-doubt and was able to ace those interviews and speaking engagements. She is super impressive, and you’re going to love this interview!

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Show Highlights

  • [02:35] Tori heard about SPS through the Jon Gordon podcast. An author actually asked Tori who would want to read her story. She decided to build credibility before launching. She decided to go through SPS when she published. That was about a year ago.
  • [04:02] She had most of her book written, but SPS helped finalize everything. She also had a call with Aaron and went to Author Advantage Live.
  • [05:34] SPS really helped with mile markers, structure, and accountability. Batching and aiming for consistency were also very important. 
  • [06:56] Plan for your strengths and have grace and practice consistency. 
  • [07:53] If you’re writing about something painful, have a therapist and journal through the process. It’s okay to ask for help with difficult things. 
  • [09:30] Tips for writing a great book include engaging your avatar all the time. Ask questions and find what they are asking.
  • [11:03] It’s okay to be more concise and just consolidate to the core principles of your book.
  • [12:12] Having an editor that uses your voice is really important. 
  • [13:54] Tori had 200 people on her launch team and did a three tiered launch. She used BombBomb to send video email messages. 
  • She also took screenshots when she hit the bestseller’s list and sent those out for podcast interviews. Video messages helped land the podcasts. 
  • [16:03] She got ten podcast interviews in three weeks.
  • [17:06] The Nifty Fifty is in chapter 24 of Published. The three levels of engagement are on page 115.
  • [17:58] She also did some local speaking at heart foundation groups. She also did some Zoom meetups.
  • [21:19] Podcast interviews were one of the biggest things that helped sell books.
  • [22:17] The book also helped her launch her courses. She was able to market to the same audience, and it helped with her credibility.
  • [23:49] Tori also has a bookkeeping business, and she’s launching a course for that soon.
  • [24:17] One of the most useful things about the accelerator program was being around people who have the same goals.
  • [25:46] She is so proud of herself for putting herself out there in those podcast interviews. She overcame the voice of doubt in her head. The accountability of the team has also helped her grow. 
  • [28:38] Come to Author Advantage Live fully prepared to engage with others.

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