SPS 121: Passion To Purpose: Adding A Nonprofit Arm To Your Book Or Business with Amy McLaren (And Advice For Nonprofits Writing A Book)

Posted on Sep 2, 2021


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Find out how Amy McLaren built her non-profit around her book, how to follow your passion to discover your purpose, and how she has structured the proceeds of her book to benefit and grow her charity and non-profit.

Meet Amy McLaren

Amy is a mom of two, CEO, adventurer, tea lover, ceiling pusher, and first-time author. She is also an Airbnb entrepreneur and Founder of Village Impact and LadyStrength. Village Impact provides access to community-led education, leadership, and economic opportunities for thousands of children in rural Kenya. Along with our local partners, we’re passionately committed to empowering kids to dream big and to gain the skills and know-how they need to lead transformed lives free from poverty—for the long term.

Making a Big Impact without a Big Platform

Through learning about Amy’s inspirational journey and world travels, readers will be encouraged to think beyond themselves and make a difference. Amy offers stories, principles, and tools for readers to grow their vision, start their own nonprofit, contribute to a cause they’re passionate about, or accomplish a project with a lasting impact.

However, you don’t need a big platform, brand, or personality to make an impact, says Amy. “We can have an impact today, with our words and how we show up. We can do that through living our passion to create our purpose.”

Using Her Book Launch to Grow Her Non-Profit

Getting all her business ventures together and putting them into one basket made for a more incredible and more impactful launch for her book. When she recorded videos for the event, she offered and encouraged listeners and viewers to give books to other members of their community. Amy approached book sales from a gift-giving standpoint – to provide a meaningful and thoughtful gift to a friend or neighbor.

Show Highlights

  • [02:32] How Amy built her brand, including her non-profit, along with authoring her book. 
  • [05:54] The avatars she wrote her book for when she decided to publish.
  • [08:51] Structure of her proceeds and how they benefit her non-profit.
  • [10:25] Using her book launch to grow her non-profit.
  • [13:11] Selling her book from a gift-giving aspect.
  • [18:28] Telling your amazing story behind your non-profit.
  • [25:48] The beginnings of her non-profit and how she evolved into a business model.
  • [31:38] Solving the issue of Canadian and US tax exemption for donors.
  • [36:30] Working together as a team with her husband to build their non-profit.
  • [39:50] Bonuses and buys you can get from Amy on her website.

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