SPS 117: Why I Published Six $100 Books I’m Not Selling On Amazon (And How I’m Using Books To Grow The Warrior Movement) with Garrett J. White

Posted on Aug 4, 2021

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Meet Garrett J. White

Garrett is the author of six books, including Wake Up Warrior and produces Warrior on Fire Podcast. Garrett built his Wake Up Warrior brand as a result of uncovering the art and science of the warrior way while fighting to put his own life back together. He spent several years of his life practicing the Warrior Way before leading other men to be aware and live the life of Warrior Science. His life timeline has significant moments that changed Garrett’s world, starting with where he is today.

Why Garrett Decided to Author Multiple Books to Increase His Business

Surprisingly, Garrett had only read five books by the time he graduated college. However, Garrett has the ability to read and memorize content quickly, which gave him a significant advantage over many other people in school and work. Years later, as a divorced dad, he was lost and didn’t understand his purpose. A friend gave him the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and he became obsessed with the book. He continued to purchase and read all subsequent books and content from Robert Kiyosaki in the next year. “Reading books changed everything about my life!” says Garrett as he quickly realized that he was gaining valuable knowledge with books.

Documenting His Life Through Journaling

He soon realized that his life was falling apart. Having been unfaithful to his current wife and being an addict, among other negative life choices, Garrett started to document his daily life via journaling. He created the Warrior’s Way game through his journaling, which gave him a reverse engineer plan to put his life back on track. People soon realized how his changes had such a positive impact, so he started sharing his process with others.

Teaching His Warrior Way via Webinars

In 2012, Garrett decided to take his Warrior Way online and teach other men how to become the best father and husband by creating a series of webinars. “I would teach out of my journals to other guys and have conversations.” For the next two years, Garrett taught the same concepts and soon realized that his information could better serve more men through creating a book. He then took his book to the next level and created a book for each of his six core Warrior Way principles. Over the next few years, he wrote all six books, built the Warrior Box, and achieved the goal of taking his students deeper into the Warrior Way.

Listen to find out why he created his first book when he found out he needed a clear client journey and how he is marketing his set of six Warrior Way books.

Show Highlights

  • [02:27] Why Garrett chose to author books as a fundamental part of his business marketing.
  • [06:55] He started documenting his day in a journal and how that affected his path in life.
  • [08:06] How he gamified his life based on his Warrior Way that he developed while reflective journaling.
  • [10:09] Garrett decides he needs to write his book based on his Warrior Way webinars.
  • [12:24] Selling over 35,000 copies of his book at $100 per book.
  • [14:43] Writing books so his clients could understand the philosophy of the Warrior Way.
  • [16:17] Finding out he needed a clear client journey for his business.
  • [19:45] How Garrett is marketing his set of six books for Warrior Way.
  • [26:37] Using books to accelerate the spread of his message.
  • [32:12] Garrett recommends putting all your knowledge into your book.
  • [36:35] His advice for new authors writing their first book.
  • [40:25] The why for publishing his book.

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