SPS 096: Launching My First Traditionally Published Book Using What I Learned Self Publishing Books & Journals with John Lee Dumas (And How I Negotiated a $350k Advance)

Posted on Mar 10, 2021



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Joining me today is John Lee Dumas – the host of the Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast & author of “The Common Path To Uncommon Success”. 

We cover so much ground in this interview, including:

  • How he got a $350,000 advance on his first traditionally published book
  • The process he used to get 800+ reviews on his first self published book
  • The keys to selling 100’s of thousands of journals
  • How to sell bulk copies of your book (how he’s sold 7,000+ copies this way before launch)
  • How to create a CRAZY bonus stack that sells more books

If you’re looking for advanced launch strategies, don’t miss this episode!

How his New Book Fits into his Current Business Goals

John boiled down his 3,000 interviews into what he found out were the 17 foundational principles that every entrepreneur possesses. “This is a 17-Step roadmap to financial freedom and fulfillment.” Spending two hours a day during quarantine, John spent a total of 480 hours formulating and writing his new book.

The Book John Had to Write

Getting hundreds of questions a day from followers who are mainly variations of the same ten questions. Although he can’t answer every question individually, he can offer his book so people can consume the content of John’s knowledge and experience.

Reasons John Went with a Traditional Publisher

“I felt like I needed an editor,” John says about his decision to publish traditionally. “I wanted to see what it was like to work with people professionally who have done this a long time.” He was excited to accept his advance from HarperCollins.

Learn what John did to get a more significant than expected advance on his book, the importance of relating your book to a famously published book, and how he gets thousands of book reviews for his book.

Show Notes

  • [02:04] Why he wrote his new book and how his book fits into his business.
  • [07:18] Why John decided to traditionally publish his book.
  • [10:54] How he received a large advance on his book from Harper Collins.
  • [13:22] His process for obtaining book reviews.
  • [15:12] Creating a solution for a common problem with the content in his book.
  • [22:48] John Lee Dumas’ launch plan for his new book.
  • [29:55] Why he is OK with losing money on his pre-order books.
  • [36:01] Special deals and offers John gives with his books.

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