SPS 079: CASE STUDY: An Educator’s Guide To Writing & Publishing An Award Winning Children’s Book with Merideth Tullous

Posted on Nov 11, 2020


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Today, I’m joined by Merideth Tullous, a Self Publishing School Student, and an award-winning children’s book author. Her book, A Gift to Remember, was created through her experience in the SPS course. We talk about her experience in the course and what she learned to create her award-winning book.

She was far along in the process but decided she didn’t know enough about publishing and wanted guidance and education on the process. Merideth felt it was important to publish a high-quality children’s book as her work would be a part of a family when they read to their children at night.

Merideth found the editing process, though, as she had to trim her work from 800 to 750 words. “For me, one of the huge points I remember during the program was to think about what the illustrator is doing. Is he or she also telling a part of the story? To me, that was pivotal.”

She quickly found out what steps to take to save time and money when publishing her children’s book. “Having a straightforward conversation of how the artist works. Asking how much detail you want, how much direction do you want from me as the author.” She recommends asking the illustrator what you can do differently in your second book to make the artist’s job easier, asking how much information the illustrator wants, and giving them artistic freedom to design your cover.

Find out how Merideth found the artist and illustrator for her book, why she enjoys the SPS community to support her through the process, and the most rewarding part of Merideth’s publishing process.

Listen in to find out how you can keep going in your publishing process, why she published a holiday book in July, and why it’s important to promote your book beyond your initial book launch.

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Show Notes

  • [02:22] How Merideth came to find SPS. 
  • [04:10] Why she decided to try the SPS course.
  • [06:46] Beginning stages of the manuscript process.
  • [08:25] Tips for authors editing their children’s book.
  • [10:25] Her advice on condensing your story without losing details. 
  • [12:30] How Merideth found the artist for her children’s book.
  • [13:53] What she did to save time and money in the publishing process.
  • [17:24] The most rewarding part of the publishing process.
  • [19:11] Hardest part of the publishing process.
  • [23:23] Should you change your publishing date based on COVID or the holidays?
  • [27:08] Merideth’s book marketing and how she received reviews. 
  • [33:06] What elements are important to identify your reader audience.
  • [41:03] Tips for authors to win awards after they publish. 
  • [48:10] How you can purchase a copy of Merideth’s book.

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