SPS 068: Using Publicity & Speaking To Sell More Books & Grow Your Business with Sloane Kini

Posted on Aug 26, 2020


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Joining me today is Sloane Ketchum, one of our coaches at SPS. She is leading our new program, “PR and Speaking for New Authors.” Sloane has interviewed over 50 podcasts, spoken on stages, and has generated a healthy income from speaking on stage. Also, Sloane is the author of the book, Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things, and has coached over 150 SPS students to date.

“PR and speaking is the easiest way – it’s the lowest common denominator in the best sense of the word.” Learning the skills and doing the SPS course work will give you the confidence to make speaking a reality. She suggests building your launch list speaking at online conferences. “You’ll be able to run into that launch with a lot of confidence knowing that you’re going to hit all those goals that you want to hit.”

“There’s a system behind PR and speaking.” Make sure to be proactive in your campaign. You’ll want to do the following three-bucket items to get PR for your brand:

  1. Getting clear on your hook
  2. Booking gigs
  3. Monetize

You can book gigs by using the three-step plan: research, reach-out, and referral. Make sure to sift and develop partnerships that you have the potential to create. Start every call out with a win, and remember, “the fruit is there. We just have to sift and sort.” Start with your three to five advocate’s list and get into your feedback loop as quickly as possible. 

Listen in to find out how to create a great hook, how to book gigs, and why you should get fast “no’s” when looking for gigs. Learn how to monetize your book or business, when you can get paid to speak, and other ideas on how to market yourself to build your following.

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Show Notes

  • [02:38] Sloane’s first opportunity with SPS. 
  • [03:19] Why Sloane sees speaking as a PR opportunity for authors.
  • [07:30] Her favorite student stories.
  • [11:04] Three big buckets to fill for your PR campaign.
  • [11:40] How can you come up with a good hook?
  • [14:39] Basics you need to know about booking gigs.
  • [19:27] Monetization process gives clear focus and measurable numbers. 
  • [21:06] Find out which PR gigs give you the best conversion rate.
  • [23:18] How authors can use speaking gigs to sell books. 
  • [25:15] Students who have had the most success in the program.
  • [28:00] Biggest mistakes people make from the start.
  • [32:33] Author Advantage Live 2020 Virtual Experience
  • [36:04] Advice for those starting on their journey with speaking gigs.

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