SPS 057: A Skeptic’s Guide To Writing A Book with Dave Hollis (How We Use Books To Drive Everything We Do At The Hollis Company)

Posted on Jun 10, 2020


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Joining me today is Dave Hollis, author of #1 New York Times Best-Selling author and top motivational speaker, along with his wife, Rachel Hollis, to build their company.

The Hollis Company exists to arm people with the tools to make positive and lasting change. They implement their lifestyle by creating media, products, inspiration, and community for a better version of their business. Founded by #1 New York Times Best-Selling author and top motivational speaker, Rachel Hollis has expanded from a small lifestyle blog to an inspirational powerhouse.

Dave tells the story of scaling his business while he was in the process of building his own business, growing from four to 40 employees in one year. At first, he didn’t want to publish his book; however, his wife Rachel decided to move forward with publishing. Now, with over four million copies sold and growing business, he is happy his wife didn’t listen to him.

He reflected on his business and his personal life, “Is there the possibility that in unpacking some of my own struggle in talking honestly about where I’ve been but also the type of tools that I’ve applied to become a better version of myself as a dad and husband, that it might afford someone seeing themselves in my story the opportunity to get out of their own way?” From this start, his writing journey began.

He knew he needed to be honest about his struggle, and Dave found talking honestly about his challenges was the hardest part of writing his book. “As part of the PR for Disney, I would talk about how great things were. As someone who was a Spin Doctor of sorts, I had become a Spin Doctor in my personal life as well as professional life. The idea of owning all of the details and putting them all onto paper was hard.”

Listen in to find out how Dave’s book became therapy for him, why it’s hard to tell stories of people that are critical of your work, and how he has pivoted his book launch with COVID. Learn why Dave had to show up differently because of the pandemic, his thought process on delivering his book, and how their giving into their community has resulted in over 300 book reviews for his latest book.

Show Notes

[01:55] Why Dave wrote a book in the midst of scaling and growing his company. 

[03:28] The deciding factor for Dave to start working on his new book.

[05:55] Dave discusses the many differences between himself and his wife.

[08:55] Markets that have opened up with the publication of Get Out of Your Own Way.

[11:31] The biggest challenge Dave has met so far with his company and book publishing.

[14:09] Book writing process for Dave and what it means for him to write.

[16:10] How Rachel made the decision to self-publish her first book.

[18:53] COVID’s effect on his book launch and Dave’s original marketing plans for his book.

[27:35] Why reviews of his book are important to selling his book.

[29:31] What Dave has seen with book sales and where he sees his next business opportunity.

[31:59] Learning what content would deliver a better book in your next publication.

[35:01] Why you should get over the fear of writing a book.

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