SPS 054: Using A Book To Raise Your Speaking Fee & Get $300k+ In Speaking Gigs with Joey Coleman (And How To Get A 6-Figure Advance)

Posted on May 20, 2020


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Joining me today is Joey Coleman. He is a speaker, teacher, and author of the book Never Lose a Customer Again. I’m a big fan of his book, and we recently used his book for our team at Self Publishing School. At the end of the book club, Joey came on, and we did a Q&A with him.

Joey describes the message of his book as “If we want to be in business, grow our businesses and earn the right to continue to be in business, then we have to take care of our customers.” We need to focus on the clients who have signed up and want to be part of our business family.

He realized as he was speaking, he could only reach a fraction of the people he wanted to reach others who didn’t have the opportunity to hear him speak. “I wanted to create a product that would serve them well.” He wanted to write a book that contained long-lasting principles.

We talk about different types of publishers, and why he wanted to go with a traditional publisher. Make sure to get clear on why you are writing your book and what you want to accomplish before you choose a type of publisher. He and I talk about the financial tracking that accompanies using a publisher and the opportunities that my book has given me, not counting book sales.

Listen in to find out the two primary goals for Joey to write his book, his perception and the reality of the cost of writing a book, and how Joey received a six-figure advance for his book. Learn why Joey hasn’t earned out his advance, how his book has improved his speaking fees, and his marketing plan for his book.

Show Notes

[02:12] Joey shares why he decided to write his book and the purpose behind Never Lose a Customer Again.

[03:33] His two primary goals for writing his book. 

[05:13] Perception and reality of the cost of book writing.

[08:08] How Joey received a six-figure advance on his book.

[11:40] Why he received five bids out of five pitches and got the contract for his book.

[13:33] Have multiple people, including your agent and your attorney, review any contract before signing.

[16:44] The economic reality of Joey’s book, 23 months post publishing.

[22:27] How his published book has impacted his speaking fee.

[25:12] Why Joey hired a team to write his first book.

[27:29] The marketing strategy leading up to book launch.

[33:58] Why you should leave a review for a book author.

[37:38] Relationship building and why it’s important when you are pitching a publisher.

[41:10] Providing more value for your customers.

[45:42] Marketing his list and internet advertising.

[50:39] How many people have participated in Joey’s book experience.

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