SPS 023: How to Use Books to Book Yourself Solid & Grow Your Speaking, Coaching & Training Business with Michael Port

Posted on Oct 3, 2017

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Michael Port an entrepreneur, podcaster, and keynote speaker. Michael is the author of six books including Book Yourself Solid and Steal the Show. The Boston Globe referred to Michael as an “uncommonly honest author” and Jonathan Fields has called him “a public speaking phenom.

Michael also hosts the Steal the Show Podcast and is the founder of Heroic Public Speaking and Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training. He was trained as an actor and has been on television shows like Sex and the City and Law and Order. He especially shines as a keynote speaker and has even been know to offer live coaching sessions while on stage. Michael is a successful guy, and I’m really excited to learn about how he used his books to promote his speaking career and establish himself as an expert.

You can find Michael here:

Michael Port
Book Yourself Solid
Steal the Show
Books by Michael Port
Steal the Show Podcast
Heroic Public Speaking
Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training

Show Notes

[01:34] How everybody was writing a book and Michael thought it was a natural progression for him to do the same.
[02:41] Being a writer and finding the right narrative. Writing as practice for writing.
[03:33] How Book Yourself Solid reached #2 on Amazon.
[04:49] The importance of organization and being perceived as the expert.
[05:10] Breaking all of the content down into sequential modules.
[06:06] The modular framework and how well it works. Along with the chronological and numerical framework and more.
[08:18] The framework combinations Michael used for his books.
[10:01] How stories and jokes often follow the 3 act structure.
[10:27] Playing the right role and stealing the show. Getting a standing ovation for all of your performances.
[11:39] How public speaking is like putting on a show and creating an experience.
[12:22] Selling more books if you are a great speaker.
[14:01] Numerical, number of keys, rules, sequential, chronological, modular, problem-solution, compare-contrast, 3 act structure, reference and combined are also possible frameworks for creating content for books to speeches.
[17:05] After Michael’s first book he got more money, more clients, and his confidence was boosted along with doors opening.
[22:39] The difference between a message book and a curriculum book.
[24:50] Having something to sell on the backend when writing a book.
[33:33] Using a book as a driver or a must and using other promotion methods are choices. The books promote your products and other methods promote the book.
[35:04] Finding your platform. The books are Michael’s platform.
[39:35] Going from the book to buying a program. Offer a free resource with an opt-in from inside the book. Then you can begin a funnel.
[46:15] Maintaining confidence and not getting discouraged from criticism. Deliver what you promise and ask if it is you or them?
[47:36] How Stealing the Show is designed to drive Michael’s business. He is driven to create this book.
[52:19] The best stories are the ones the audience doesn’t realize is a story until they are into it.
[53:08] Turning speeches into performances.
[55:33] Things like absolutes put holes in your argument.
[57:51] Knowing who you are to be a performer and strip away the armor be yourself.
[01:00:09] Do the work and don’t be a perfectionist. Due dates can also help with getting things done.

Links and Resources:

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Michael Port
Book Yourself Solid
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Books by Michael Port
Steal the Show Podcast
Heroic Public Speaking
Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training

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