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Inside Sales Rep

Check out the video below for more info on the position…

Do you LOVE the art of sales and helping others?

Are you a super motivated and driven person?

Are you the TOP sales rep at your company?

Then please read on…

I run an online training program called Self Publishing School that helps people write & publish their first book.

We deliver an incredible product with a student success rate that’s second to none. We’re also VERY good at driving leads…400+ leads per day.

Because we’re up to our eyeballs in leads, we need more help selling to those leads. That’s where you come in…

Position Summary

The purpose of this role is to convert warm leads into customers for Self Publishing School in the most effective & efficient manner possible.

This will be done via consultative phone sales appointments with prospects that have expressed interest in SPS. The Inside Sales Rep will be responsible for educating & selling the prospect on the product that’s the best fit for their needs.

NOTE: This position is full-time and virtual. Meaning you can work from anywhere. The team here at SPS is located all over the country.

What you’ll be doing…

Day to day, you’ll be selling on (mostly) pre-scheduled sales calls.

70-80% of these appointments will be booked for you, but sometimes you’ll be responsible for filling the rest of your calendar with appointments.

As part of this opportunity, you’ll also be a part of a VERY fast paced and high growth company. You’re getting in at the ground floor of a growing sales team, and will have input and responsibility as we grow the team. (we’re currently 2 SDRs and 4 closers)


This is for you if:

  • You’re the top rep at your current company (or at least in the top 5%)
  • You’re great with people – and not afraid to challenge them to be their best
  • You have a strong internal drive to help people through sales of a product you believe in, and hate missing out on potential sales opportunities
  • You are an action taker, you’re good at problem solving and figuring things out on your own with minimal direction… you know how to create your own structured work environment.
  • You are process driven – you don’t just look at a task, but innovate and find ways to improve the entire system
  • You’re coachable. You seek out growth opportunities at any change you get – actively reading and learning from books or courses to get better at your role

Lastly and most importantly, you’re driven. You want to work hard, learn a ton, and maybe start your own business someday.

DISQUALIFIERS: Please DO NOT apply to this position if you:

  • Have less than 2 years of sales experience
  • Have been in sales for a long time and are looking for a job where you can “coast to the finish line”
  • Don’t have the drive and ability to self motivate
  • Have no interest in books

If none of these things can be said of you, then please continue reading…


30 Day Targets:

  1. Learn all tech systems & product offerings to be effective in the position
  2. 90 sales appointments completed (5 per day)
  3. Close rate of 22.5% on core product (SPS)

60 Day Targets:

  1. 95 sales appointments completed total (5 per day in month 2)
  2. Close rate of 27.5% on core product (SPS)
  3. No refunds on personal sales

90 Day Targets:

  1. 105 sales appointments completed total (5.25 per day in month 3)
  2. Close rate of 32.5% on core product (SPS)
  3. No refunds on personal sales

Sidebyside 7


  1. # of sales appointments complete
  2. Phone sales conversion rate
  3. Phone Sales Revenue ($239,760 in 90 days)



At Self Publishing School, we value work ethic, coachability, and your past sales results more than your degree (or lack thereof), GPA, etc.

Have you delivered results in a similar role in the past? If so, that’s what we’re looking for.

That being said, feel free to apply even if you don’t “tick the boxes” below. Just be sure to mention that in your application + why we should consider you.


  • At least 3 years of VERY high performance as a sales rep
  • Minimum of $250,000 in sales of any product / service in the past
  • CRM & sales process experience


  • At least 5 years of high performance sales experience (selling $250k+ per year)
  • Minimum of $1M in lifetime sales of any product / service
  • Experience with low ticket, high volume sales (ie. $5k max sales price, 1-2 call close) rather than longer cycle B2B/enterprise sales

 The Pay

  • Base: Full-time salary (~$35,000/year)
  • Commission: 7.5% on sales

Bi-weekly house cleaning: get your house cleaned every two weeks, on the company!  : )

Work remotely: save $5k/year in commuting costs and 100+ hrs each year (aka. 2 ½ extra weeks of vacation time)

If you’re Average: $100,000/year

If you’re Good: $150,000/year

If you’re Great: $200,000+/year

All amounts above include your base salary and represent compensation based on your ability to sell.

About Self-Publishing School:

Click here to check out a video from our CEO Chandler Bolt to find out what it’s like to work at Self Publishing School.

Self-Publishing School is an online education company that teaches people how to write, market & publish their first book in as little as 90 days.

We provide people with more opportunities, confidence & income through publishing a book.

Our program is by far the best on the market which is why we have one of the highest student success rates of any online training company. We genuinely care about the success of our students a provide a great avenue for them to be successful.

Our company is driven by 2 unique viewpoints:

  • It’s not about the book. It’s about what the book does for you.
  • In going through the process, our students learn a lot about themselves and conquer fears, challenges & limiting beliefs they never knew existed.

They’re also surprised by all of the opportunities that pop up once their book is out there.

The purpose of our company is to disrupt the publishing industry and show people that self publishing is not only an option, it’s the BEST option.

The publishing industry is broken. The big publishers are antiquated and inefficient. They take advantage of the people doing the hard work…the authors. Our company exists to show people there is a better way…

…a way that doesn’t involve: using a publisher, wasting 2 years of your life, giving away all of your creative liberties, giving away all of your book royalties, and relying on a publisher that doesn’t do any marketing for your book.

In 2018, we were named to the INC 5000 list as one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in America for 2017.

We landed at spot #2,699, and as we always say, “the best is yet to come”. We’re excited to continue climbing & growing thanks to our incredible team & customers.


About the team:

There are currently 16 full-time, and several part-time team members at Self Publishing School working remotely from across the country and around the world.

All team members are “A players”, with a love and passion and a drive to do great work and make the world a better place.

You won’t find grumbling, negative co-workers here. People at SPS are passionate and excited about what they do!

About the culture:

Here are the company core values. We call it “The SPS Way”:

  1. Honesty & Integrity Always Win
  2. Fail Fast, Fail Forward, Fail Often
  3. Hard Work & Continuous Improvement
  4. Everyone is Responsible for Facilitating Change
  5. Best Is The Standard

Click here to watch a video from our founder Chandler Bolt explaining the company Core Values.



Here is our blog: https://self-publishingschool.com/blog/

Here is our main site: self-publishingschool.com