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What is Self-Publishing School?

Glad you asked! Self-Publishing School is a great place to be! 🙂 Here’s what we do and what our services include:

We help people who want to write and publish their own books.

We provide educational content to empower authors.

We promise that if you sign up for our course and follow the content, then you can go from no-idea to best-seller, in 90 days.

We provide a flagship program (VIP). Then, we offer more advanced programs for students who want to accelerate their success, including a program called Sell More Books (for authors to build their platform) and a program called Elite Business Intensive (for people who are using their book to build / grow an existing business).

If you have taken one of our courses in the past, and would like to learn about some of our additional offerings, then book a call here.

If you haven’t been in any Self-Publishing School programs and this is something that interests you, please check out our webinar: CLICK HERE

We’re here to help the best we can! **We are not ghostwriters, nor are we a publishing house, nor are we a print-on demand printer.

Who gets a Coach?

Every VIP student gets a coach! That applies to both the standard VIP program and the Fiction program.

If you are in our Sell More Books program, then you will be in group coaching pods.

Why can't I access certain parts of the Membership Portal?

Whatever you have purchased is made available to you. If some information is locked, that means you have not purchased that program. If you would like to learn more about the other programs, you can talk to one of our Publishing Strategists by clicking here.

Mastermind Community

What is included in the Mastermind Community Membership?
So what all do I get with this Mastermind Community?

The Mastermind Community Membership includes:

Access to Live Group Coaching Calls with Chandler and guests every Monday night

The private Facebook Group

Access to the book review system and any SPS reviewers

Expert Hangouts on all sorts of topics related to the author journey

How much is the MC?

$67USD per month.

We do have a yearly membership option if you would enjoy that instead. Just contact us at [email protected] and let us know you’d like the yearly option.

Have more questions?

Email: [email protected]


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