SPS 059: The Ultimate Guide To Publishing A Cookbook That Sells (Growing Your Business As A Health Expert Using A Book) with JJ Virgin

Joining me today is JJ Virgin, who has been inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame, television and media personality, and a four-time New York Times Best Selling Author. She has launched over 10 businesses and is a 2-time Inc 5000 Founder. She is recognized as an authority on transformational leadership, as a Top Ten Finalist for the John C. Maxwell Award, as well as winner of the Mindshare Summit Pinnacle award.

JJ’s first experience writing a book was with a screenwriter she was dating at the time. She had a connection with the publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul, who offered her several thousand dollars for the book. Instead, she decided to self-publish her book and sign a contract with her boyfriend that gave him 50% of everything she did for the rest of her life.

Her second book, “Six Weeks from Sleeveless to Sexy,” went out to lunch with a publisher, went to an editor at Simon and Shuster, took off her jacket, and the editor immediately wanted to buy her book! However, JJ says, “If you are going with a traditional publisher, that’s not what you want to do!”.

When creating her cookbook, The Virgin Diet, another author published a cookbook with the same name six months earlier. The only reason JJ wasn’t able to get out ahead of the other author is that she was traditionally publishing, which takes a much longer process to get your book from idea to print.

She recommends self-publishing as you can easily create a second edition of your book with updates without a huge issue. Traditionally publishing costs a large amount of money to make changes to your finished first edition. JJ also gives advice about marketing and the creation of cookbooks that every cookbook author needs to know!

Listen in to find out how cookbooks are different from regular books, why a cookbook is harder, and what you should and shouldn’t do when you are writing a cookbook. Learn why you have to make sure your cookbook numbers are dialed in before you publish, and her tips on self-publishing cookbooks. 

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Show Notes

  • [02:52] JJ’s first book was created while dating a screenwriter. 
  • [04:54] How JJ made the mistake of traditional publishing her second book.
  • [07:01] JJ’s process of frameworking her books as she doesn’t like to write.
  • [08:47] Pairing up cookbooks with a regular book. What’s the difference between writing a cookbook and a regular book?
  • [13:25] Why she can’t trademark her book name “The Virgin Diet.
  • [17:43] The best way you can find mistakes in your book is by doing a verbal readthrough out loud.
  • [19:21] Differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing a cookbook.
  • [22:57] Her tips and advice on creating a self-published cookbook.
  • [28:34] How her product line and her books evolved over time.
  • [32:07] The backend for her physical products  – what she is doing and how she is marketing her products.
  • [34:19] How JJ creates multiple income streams with her books and products.
  • [39:29] Building loyalty to the brand gives your company a raving fan base to buy your products. 
  • [43:48] The process of getting people on board with your brand.
  • [46:10] Advice for new authors that JJ wishes she knew before she published her first book.

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SPS 058: Transitioning From Writer To Speaker Using “Endless Referrals” & “The Go-Giver Way” with Bob Burb

Joining me today is Bob Burg, he is a speaker and author of multiple books including The Go Giver and The Go Giver Series and Endless Referrals. He shares how a subtle shift in focus is not only a more uplifting and fulfilling way of conducting business but the most financially profitable way, as well. For 30 years, he’s helped companies, sales leaders, and their teams to more effectively communicate their value, sell at higher prices with less resistance, and grow their businesses based on Endless Referrals. Bob is an advocate, supporter, and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve.

Bob tells the story of how his speaking business was growing for the first three years. He was at the National Speaking Conference speaking with other professional speakers who suggested he write a book to get to the next level. He used his book as a proactive tool to sell his services faster, more efficiently, and consistently.


He reflected on his process of contacting other professionals and his question process to find out if the company he called was interested, wanted, and could afford his services. Bob also talked about getting permission to send someone your book as they will value your book and its content as a utility.

Explaining how he utilizes his book as a foot in the door to get out there and into speaking gigs, Bob also elaborates on other ways marketing his book has resulted in receiving more business. He talks about using a process and following systems to achieve goals and how he built his business with each new book published.

Listen in to find out how Bob was able to sell 950,000 books, how to turn your book into a series, and using your book to grow your speaking business. Learn why consistency goes a long way, how he used parables in his book to teach his readers, and how go givers and go getters get farther in business.

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Write & Launch a Bestselling Book in 90 Days – Even if You Only Have 30 Minutes Per Day!

Learn the exact step-by-step methods you need to cut through the noise, harness the Amazon algorithm, and self-publish your book successfully this year!

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Show Notes

  • [02:27] Why Bob decided to write his first book and the purpose behind his book.
  • [04:10] How he used his first book as a proactive tool and why his book was a critical part of growing his business.
  • [07:28] Bob’s process of how he sold his book when presenting as a speaker. 
  • [09:38] His experience with writing for trade publications before online publishing.
  • [10:49] How Bob has used his book to get more speaking gigs and to drive referrals.
  • [12:55] His second book, The Go Giver, took his business to the next level.
  • [15:42] The not-so-sexy work of getting your message out on multiple platforms.
  • [20:24] Why you should always focus on the other person at a sales conference.
  • [23:05] A difficult lesson Bob learned about titling his books.
  • [26:31] Why The Go Giver sold so many books. 
  • [29:04] Which book has sold the most in his series and why has it sold the most copies.
  • [33:17] The main impact of his books on his speaking business. 
  • [37:36] Bob encourages his students to make an emotional connection in their book.
  • [42:48] Learning from other people’s experiences in the different aspects of business.

SPS 057: A Skeptic’s Guide To Writing A Book with Dave Hollis (How We Use Books To Drive Everything We Do At The Hollis Company)

Joining me today is Dave Hollis, author of #1 New York Times Best-Selling author and top motivational speaker, along with his wife, Rachel Hollis, to build their company.

The Hollis Company exists to arm people with the tools to make positive and lasting change. They implement their lifestyle by creating media, products, inspiration, and community for a better version of their business. Founded by #1 New York Times Best-Selling author and top motivational speaker, Rachel Hollis has expanded from a small lifestyle blog to an inspirational powerhouse.


Dave tells the story of scaling his business while he was in the process of building his own business, growing from four to 40 employees in one year. At first, he didn’t want to publish his book; however, his wife Rachel decided to move forward with publishing. Now, with over four million copies sold and growing business, he is happy his wife didn’t listen to him.

He reflected on his business and his personal life, “Is there the possibility that in unpacking some of my own struggle in talking honestly about where I’ve been but also the type of tools that I’ve applied to become a better version of myself as a dad and husband, that it might afford someone seeing themselves in my story the opportunity to get out of their own way?” From this start, his writing journey began.

He knew he needed to be honest about his struggle, and Dave found talking honestly about his challenges was the hardest part of writing his book. “As part of the PR for Disney, I would talk about how great things were. As someone who was a Spin Doctor of sorts, I had become a Spin Doctor in my personal life as well as professional life. The idea of owning all of the details and putting them all onto paper was hard.”

Listen in to find out how Dave’s book became therapy for him, why it’s hard to tell stories of people that are critical of your work, and how he has pivoted his book launch with COVID. Learn why Dave had to show up differently because of the pandemic, his thought process on delivering his book, and how their giving into their community has resulted in over 300 book reviews for his latest book.

Show Notes

[01:55] Why Dave wrote a book in the midst of scaling and growing his company. 

[03:28] The deciding factor for Dave to start working on his new book.

[05:55] Dave discusses the many differences between himself and his wife.

[08:55] Markets that have opened up with the publication of Get Out of Your Own Way.

[11:31] The biggest challenge Dave has met so far with his company and book publishing.

[14:09] Book writing process for Dave and what it means for him to write.

[16:10] How Rachel made the decision to self-publish her first book.

[18:53] COVID’s effect on his book launch and Dave’s original marketing plans for his book.

[27:35] Why reviews of his book are important to selling his book.

[29:31] What Dave has seen with book sales and where he sees his next business opportunity.

[31:59] Learning what content would deliver a better book in your next publication.

[35:01] Why you should get over the fear of writing a book.

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SPS 056: How I Sold 46M Copies of My Self Published Book with Robert Kiyosaki (Turning Your Book Into A Brand & A Board Game)

Joining me today is Robert Kiyosaki and is the author of over 18 books, including the best selling finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad, that has sold over 40 million copies.

Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. He is an entrepreneur, educator, and investor who believes that each of us has the power to make changes in our lives, take control of our financial future, and live the abundant life we deserve.

Robert and his wife Kim created the CashFlow board game, and tried to market to a major game company who turned it down because they felt the game was “too hard.” Robert decided to write a catalog for his game and named it Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He brought his book to publishers in New York who didn’t like any of the concepts in his book and turned him down for publishing.

The husband and wife team decided to print 1000 copies of the book. At the time, no one wanted to sell self-published authors, so he called a friend who owned a car wash and asked him to put his books at his business. In two weeks, all two dozen sold. One buyer introduced the book to Bill Galvin, who purchased the remaining 976 books Robert had in stock.


Flunking out of high school because he couldn’t write, Robert has moved on to become one of the world’s most renowned authors. To make the grade, he had to follow his strategy “in high school, I sat next to the smartest girl. Today, that’s called cheating.” He returned from Vietnam and pursued his dream of being an entrepreneur despite his poor dad wanting him to become a pilot for a commercial airline. His philosophy is to have a best-selling book, not a best-written book. Robert also emphasizes that in order to become a best-selling author, you need to learn how to sell.

Listen in to find out how Robert Kiyosaki landed a spot on Oprah, how he became an international bestseller in a few months, and why the most critical choice in your life is to choose a good teacher. Learn why he wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, why he didn’t like school, and why your greatest asset is your brain.

Show Notes

[01:52] Why Kiyosaki self-published instead of going the traditional publisher route.

[03:33] The story of how Robert brought his book to New York publishers and was turned down.

[05:40] How his book landed in the hands of Bill Galvin from Dallas, Texas.

[07:01] Oprah calls Robert while he was vacationing in Australia to ask him to be a guest on her show.

[09:27] Find out his story about coming home from Vietnam and his relationship with his dad.

[10:52] Why your greatest asset is your brain.

[12:40] Robert’s advice to those who want to write a book but feel they don’t write well-enough.

[16:09] Why he wasn’t failing enough and how he achieved failing 30 times a day.

[21:56] Robert chats about how learning golf is a part of rewiring his brain.

[23:46] Money cycles, crashes and predictions that are happening now with COVID.

[27:09] How he turned a successful book into a book series and a brand.

[29:40] When you’re writing your book, ask yourself, does this have the potential to be a brand?

[31:04] Public relations is cheaper than advertising. 

[34:25] Robert’s biggest thrill is hearing that a parent gave their child his book.

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