SPS 166: From Laid Off To Two Time Award Winning Author with Bill Miller

Posted on Jul 20, 2022

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Bill Miller spent the past 30 years leading companies of all sizes, from early-stage startups to multi-billion-dollar companies. During this time, he learned a thing or two about CEOs from his own leadership experience to observing seasoned leaders and new leaders finding their way. He took notes on all his interesting observations that just happened to be the foundation of his bestselling book. Bill is the author of The Rookie CEO, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!: Learn How 9 Rookie CEOs Got There, Executed, Created Their Stories and Led!, a behind-the-scenes look at nine rookie CEOs and what behaviors drove excellent results.

Bill is now a speaker, mentor, and coach who is also a member of Self Publishing School. I talk to Bill about why he wrote his book, how he found us, and what helped propel his publishing experience forward. We talk about his launch, marketing, coaching experience, and whether he has a second book in the works. Bill was also an Author Advantage Live success story, so we talk about that, and Bill shares the takeaways and excitement he felt at the event. We also talk about the helpful tools he used and his promotion strategies. Bill shares what he would do sooner and shares his parting advice. This episode is full of great insights!

Show Highlights

  • [02:14] Bill worked in executive management and technology for about 30 years. He worked for many CEOs. Many of them were rookies. Bill started taking notes on what would happen in meetings. 
  • [04:23] He decided to write a book about all of this. He was looking for information about self publishing and discovered Self Publishing School. 
  • [06:35] He consults with CEOs and works with CEOs. Bill is writing his second book about mistakes that CEOs make.
  • [08:35] The coaching calls were really helpful for Bill after he joined SPS. He knew how to write, but he didn’t really know anything about writing a book.
  • [12:57] He followed the SPS roadmap with his launch. He built a launch team from friends and colleagues. He launched an ebook and paperback at the same time. He did a hard cover from Ingram Spark and now also has an audio book. 
  • [15:27] He had a series of promotions following his launch. He kept his book at 99 cents for two months. 
  • [17:54] Bill also uses his popular CEO blog to promote his book. He also writes for Medium.
  • [19:32] Being a CEO and learning and advancing is a long term play.
  • [20:03] The best part of Self Publishing School for Bill was the people and the process. The community of people were so helpful and the guided process was just what he needed. 
  • [22:29] If you want to get excited about publishing your book, attend Author Advantage Live! You learn every aspect of publishing regardless of your genre.
  • [24:23] Parting advice. We all have a book in us. Start yours sooner rather than later!

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