SPS 160: Quitting My Corporate Because Of My Book with Mick Spiers

Posted on Jun 8, 2022

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Mick Spiers is the author of You’re A Leader Now What?: The proven path to high performance leadership, a book about successful leadership through the skill of relating to others. This book is for new leaders, millennial leaders, and those mentoring and training leaders. It’s about inspiring people into action and building up our next generation of leaders. Mick has a strong track record in developing high-performance teams. He is also the host of The Leadership Project podcast and a leadership coach. 

We dive into how Mick became obsessed with talking and teaching leadership and how his book helped propel his coaching success so much that he could leave his corporate position and focus on what truly lights him up. We learn how he found Self Publishing School through the podcast and eventually became a client. He shares how his book helped him maximize his impact and share his message. He shares his writing process, including tips from our coach Aaron who helped him create a plan with a mind map, outline, and the right mindset. 

He knows he has more books inside of them. His initial writing process took eight months, but now he is collecting notes and information for his future book ideas. We talk about having a launch team, book promotion, and reaching out to everyone you know. Building relationships is something that Mick has been doing all of his life. Having the support from those relationships helped him move forward when he started to promote his book. Mick shares great parting advice and talks about why having a coach can be beneficial. 

Show Highlights

  • [02:34] Mick started his podcast, because of the great resignation. We’re having a leadership crisis in the world.
  • [03:29] On his podcast, Mick had amazing conversations with leaders around the world. Then he became a certified coach and started coaching. He was in the flow State whenever he talked about leadership.
  • [04:04] He loved coaching and talking about leadership and decided a book would be a great way to get his message out there.
  • [04:18] By the time his book was finished, Mick had his own Leadership Academy, and he had left the corporate world. He now works full-time on the Leadership Project.
  • [05:14] He discovered SPS by chance through the podcast. After researching, he knew he wanted to be part of SPS.
  • [06:09] Why a book? To maximize impact and get his message out there.
  • [07:39] A book is like a business card that someone can’t throw away.
  • [08:10] The writing process took eight months. Getting started with a mind map and outline was thanks to the teachings of SPS. He was able to finish with the help of his coach Aaron.
  • [10:11] He now makes notes about all of his thoughts for future books.
  • [13:15]  It’s important to get into the head of the Avatar of whoever you are writing the book for. For Mick, it was first time leaders who he was targeting.
  • [14:29] The 4 P’s include person, pain, promise, and price.
  • [15:01] Mick launched, because he wanted to get it out there. He then used a launch team to get reviews etc. They were number one in six categories.
  • [16:40] The number one thing that helped with the launch and promotion of the book was his network. Reach out personally to everyone.
  • He invests in relationships and has built up a network of people. 
  • [20:42] He was intentional about coming from a place of authenticity.  Authors also need a good supporting environment, for Mick, it was his family. He shared his moments of joy with the world.
  • [22:55] The power of self-awareness and surrounding yourself with people who compliment you.
  • [23:51] The community and the done for you services were extra helpful for Mick.
  • [24:53] Parting advice is Do It! And get some help, and get going!
  • [25:53] Watch out for imposter syndrome. We all have a story inside of us that’s worth sharing. 
  • [26:51] Book a call with Aaron and get going. They will coach you through the process and the mindset process. Have an open mind and be coachable.

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