SPS 125: Live Your Message: Writing A Book That Readers Actually Implement & Turning Your Book Into An Online Course with Marisa Murgatroyd

Posted on Sep 29, 2021

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Today I’m chatting with Marisa Murgatroyd, an award-winning documentary filmmaker with seven years of experience in the non-profit sector. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs express their bold, vibrant, self online to stand out among the millions of voices on the internet. Her mainstay is showing entrepreneurs how to create online courses that get results for her clients.

Meet Marisa Murgatroyd

Marisa is the Founder of Live Your Message and the creator of the Experience Product Masterclass. Marisa brings a brand new perspective around creating, marketing, selling, and delivering online courses that we’ve never seen before! Through her own mid-seven-figure business and helping over 5,000 students succeed online, Marisa’s process around psychology and gamification gives you a unique way of planning your own online course.

Marisa’s unique process for creating online courses stands out from all of the others we’ve seen. With psychology at the heart of everything she does, Marisa shows how you can sell more, bring more happiness to your customers, and get more people to take action on what you teach. That’s not common with most online courses!

She is a firm believer that when people know better, they do better! Her consumers can reach a wide range of people; however, she believes consumers can get a more profound transformation with an online course.

Key Components for Your Online Course

You’ll need to orient your course around a specific promise or transformation, so your buyers will know what they will learn. The gamification process creates little wins along the way to keep consumers engaged in the course. She also recommends creating a future-self vision of the person you want your course buyer to become once your course is finished.

Listen in to find out how to create engaging online courses that your buyers will want to complete, how to gamify your online course for learners to stay on longer, and why she recommends a motivational structure.

Show Highlights

  • [01:54] Why Maria started her business helping others build online courses. 
  • [04:05] When Maria decided to create an online course.
  • [06:01] How to gamify your course to get better results.
  • [08:02] Using a motivational structure to build your course.
  • [12:55] How to turn your book into a course.
  • [18:03] Get all of the how-to information into a course that you can’t fit into your book.
  • [23:04] Creating your course first and your book second.
  • [30:10] Resources that you can use to build your course.

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