SPS 118: How To Create & Launch An Online Course From Your Book (And Get Your First Sales) with Amy Porterfield

Posted on Aug 11, 2021

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Meet Amy Porterfield

Amy is the author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies books, and has been recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers. Amy started in the marketing and event arena with Harley-Davidson and from there worked for six years with Peak Performance Coach, Anthony Robbins. She’s consulted for top real estate moguls, celebrity chefs, travel industry executives, and Fortune 500 companies. She is currently speaking, training, and consulting on such topics as social media and content marketing. Amy currently resides in Carlsbad, CA, with her husband, Hobie, and her son Cade.

Creating Your Digital Course

Amy recommends creating your digital course, launching your online class, then selling it repeatedly through your marketing channels. Amy’s advice is to be laser-focused and to place your energy into one project at a time.”Your digital course is a living, breathing entity in and of itself,” says Amy. When you create your online course, you can take your students into a deeper dive into subject matter from your book. Then, after completing your class, you’ll want to get feedback from your users, update and modify your class, and make better versions of your online course along the way.

Translating Your Online Class into a Book

When creating your book and online course, there has to be a slight distinction, so folks don’t have to choose one or the other. Amy recommends building both with a bit of different value so readers and learners can benefit from the information found in both products. You’ll want to decide which order you want people to purchase your book or class, and start building your marketing funnel from this point.

Adding Specialty Content to Your Online Class

Although you can make money from both an online class and a book, your online class will be more profitable. Make sure to craft specialty content for your digital class, such as interviews, activities and exercises, case studies, or audits. Be creative and add content that you haven’t given in other offerings you provide.

Listen to find out how to get the first sales of your online class, how to sell your online course via webinars, and why you want to use a step-by-step process for marketing your company.

Show Highlights

  • [01:58] Online course or writing a book – which one should you create first?
  • [07:55] Turning your online course and translating your class into a book.
  • [09:19] Differentiating your digital course from your book content.
  • [12:17] Adding interviews into your online class to give examples and enhance content.
  • [13:15] Pre-launch your digital class to get more online sales.
  • [14:08] Selling your new online class via webinars.
  • [18:43] Your goal for webinar attendance is a 30% show-up rate.
  • [24:05] Challenges of writing a book from start to finish.
  • [28:22] Use a step-by-step process to implement your marketing plan.
  • [31:29] Amy suggests writing your book first, then building your online class.
  • [32:12] Creating an online quiz to compliment your book and double as a lead-generating part of your marketing funnel.
  • [35:36] How to connect with Amy online.

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