SPS 112: How To Turn Your Podcast Into A Book (To Get More Subscribers & Sell More Books) with Nick Loper

Posted on Jun 30, 2021

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About Nick Loper

His entrepreneurial journey began at an early age selling candy to his fellow Boy Scouts at summer camp and eventually painting houses in college at the University of Washington. After graduation, Nick took on a full-time job for a giant corporation. During the years he spent in corporate, Nick built his business on nights and weekends until the age of 25, when he left the corporate job and went to work for himself.

Why Author a Book?

Nick decided to write a book to become an authority in his field. His first book, The Virtual Assistant Assistant, promoted his website, which featured VA work. But, rather than invest in his website, he thought having a book would give his trust factor a giant leap. “What ended up happening is that people would search and find my book on Amazon and then track my book back to my website.”

Using Amazon to Find New Marketplaces

He recommends going to the marketplace, seeing where the cash is already flowing, and diving into that genre. Don’t go to an unknown digital wilderness; find the verticals making money, and stake your claim in that area with your book.

The Power of SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, the art, and science of ranking your content in Google and other search engines. He realized that no matter how well-written his blog posts and website content, Nick wasn’t able to get website hits unless he uses SEO for his content. If you can answer the query that a person types in the search bar better than someone else, your article will outrank their article.

Turning his Podcast into a Book

A couple of years into his show, he realized he had enough content to create a book. “The first attempt wasn’t the best effort for sure.” So he pivoted and came up with a main idea for the book, then found examples from the podcast which supported his main book idea. “In the newest version of the Side Hustle, it breaks down the big three business models.”

Listen in on today’s episode and find out how he uses transcripts to create book content, his marketing techniques for selling his books, and how he uses giving his book away for free to sell more books.

Show Highlights

  • [01:48] Why he wrote a book to promote his business.
  • [05:18] The power of the Amazon search engine.
  • [06:53] Using the power of SEO for consumers to find your book.
  • [11:54] How he turned his podcast into a book.
  • [14:09] Look for common themes that run through your podcast and create content from those common themes.
  • [18:52] How Nick uses permafree marketing to sell his book.
  • [21:21] Using lead-capture marketing in his book.
  • [24:21] Getting reviews for your free ebook.
  • [30:25] Using digital content to serve your marketing long term.

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