SPS 100: The “Duct Tape Marketing” Book Launch: Sell More Books & Get More Referrals with John Jantsch (And How To Negotiate Your Publishing Contract)

Posted on Apr 7, 2021

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John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and best-selling author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine, The Referral Engine, and SEO for Growth. He is the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network that trains and licenses small business marketing consultants around the world.

Why John Uses Book Marketing to Promote his Business

“It’s a great way for people to see what it may be like to work with you through your book.” John says that books can give people a deep look into a possible client fit. “Also, by buying the $15 calling card, it allows you to charge more for your services,” like writing and publishing a book bridges and builds trust with the reader.

How Authors Can Use the Duct Tape Method to Sell Books

The Duct Tape Marketing is a system that starts with using strategy before tactics. “We want to differentiate who is going to be a standout client for us.” Having a solid point of view that allows you to differentiate yourself is critical for your business, John says.

Marketing strategy is the foundation for your marketing by starting with your ideal client for your company. You can figure out the problem you solve for your client and develop content for each stage of your customer journey with the Duct Tape seven phases. Combining these marketing components gives your business a solid fan base that will spread the word about your platform and send you more referrals.

Developing a Book Marketing Strategy

Focus your book around a core problem that is a pain point for people. John gives new ideas on how to market your book, including sending your book out to those who would promote and market your book by sharing it with others. Speaking at events and selling books at events is a tangible marketing strategy to get the word out for your book.

Listen in to today’s episode to find out how to negotiate your publishing contract, how to use your book as a referral source, and how to sell your book when speaking at an event.

Show Notes

  • [02:27] Why John uses books as part of his marketing plan.
  • [04:10] How authors can use the Duct Tape Method to sell more books.
  • [08:28] What you need to develop in your book marketing strategy.
  • [13:00] Identifying product fulfillment for your market.
  • [19:36] Tactics that have sold the most books for John.
  • [22:19] Marketing your book to a traditional publisher.
  • [28:23] What you can ask for when negotiating with a publisher.
  • [32:42] Offering free content with a book purchase.
  • [35:03] Advice John gives to new authors.
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