SPS 097: Crush It With Challenges: Launch Bigger, Sell More Books, And Grow Your Business with Pedro Adao

Posted on Mar 17, 2021

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Pedro is the founder of 100 X Academy and creator of the Crush it With Challenges program that helps people grow their business and sell more books. He has led over 40 successful challenges in the past two years and has helped business owners create their own challenges to increase their client base with a low cost per acquisition.

Pedro’s Crush it With Challenge

The challenge is a time-based, virtual, live experience where there is a focused-outcome that the participant expects to see at the end of the challenge. Whether you are a coach, consultant, or course creator and want to move books, Pedro recommends a five or seven-day challenge.

Challenges are delivered as live-training primarily inside of a closed Facebook group. Clients promote their challenge, have people join in their group to take the challenge, and do the posted daily homework. In the end, you invite them into a coaching program with a membership site.

Selling Copies of Your Book with Challenges

“The number one way to acquire paying customers online is to have a challenge.” Using Pedro’s challenge program, you can acquire a large number of clients for a very low acquisition per customer.

Positioning your book in the front end of the funnel gives your book more exposure, more units sold, and gives your buyers an upsell option. “Take your book, a small mini-course or other info, bundle it up with a special challenge promotion and sell your bundle for the entire week.”

Listen in to today’s episode to find out how to create a great pitch for your hook when making a challenge, how to decide on your micro-niche, and how to choose content for your challenge.

Show Notes

  • [02:24] Pedro talks about his different programs he offers for business owners.
  • [06:00] Why the Crush it With Challenge program can sell books.
  • [09:58] How Pedro created his Crush it Challenge.
  • [14:14] Using your book content inside of a challenge.
  • [15:20] Choosing the timing to create a challenge for your book launch.
  • [19:08] How Pedro decides on his hook for his challenge.
  • [22:20] Deciding on the length of your challenge. 
  • [31:01] Digital marketing platforms Pedro is using for his launch this month.
  • [34:34] Maximizing your window before your challenge starts.
  • [39:00] How Pedro figures out his rate of return on his investment.
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