SPS 094: YouTube Secrets: Using YouTube To Sell 2k Copies/Month & Get 1,000+ Reviews On Your Book with Sean Cannell

Posted on Feb 24, 2021

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Thinking about using YouTube to sell more books? In today’s interview with Sean Cannell (author of “YouTube Secrets”), we talk about:
– 3 specific ways you can use YouTube to sell more books (and exactly how Sean does this)
– how he’s sold 65,000 copies of his book and 2,000 copies in a random month years after publishing
– why you should publish an audiobook & a GENIUS way to maximize your audiobook earnings

If you’re a Youtuber or an author who wants to sell books using YouTube, listen to this episode!

How to Market Your Book Via YouTube

Sean is a YouTuber, international speaker, and coach with over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He’s been featured on the 20 most-watched YouTube channels that will launch your business and has been featured in Forbes.

His book, YouTube Secrets, is where he unpacks his ideas and builds his fan base relationships. “Concepts go much deeper, and the story, illustrations, and framework flush out concepts that can provide more transformation with deep impact.” He knew he wanted to write a book and that there was a gap in the market for quality, authoritative books on YouTube.

Sean and his friend Benji put together a vision and partnered on the book. “When you write a book, you become that subject matter expert and thought leader.” It’s a good idea for a speaker to have their own book as they create your profile as a pillar of authority and force the speaker to think through their process and cohesion of ideas.

Find out how Sean built a digital marketing book that will last, how you can incorporate higher-level principles into your book, and why you should create a book that is focused on beginner learners. Learn how Sean has started his marketing for his book, how he created a marketing campaign on his book via YouTube, and how he gains reviews for his book.

Show Notes

  • [02:23] Why Sean decided to write a book about his business. 
  • [05:15] How to write a book on the topic of digital marketing.
  • [08:40] Continued promotion of your book and why it’s so important.
  • [12:58] Selling 73 copies of his book daily by pitching his book on his YouTube channel.
  • [14:54] Getting reviews and how he received over 1000 reviews.
  • [21:25] Three key elements for promoting your book long-term.
  • [23:24] Sean gives the breakdown of book sales for audio, print and digital copies.
  • [28:28] Where to pick up a copy of Sean’s book for free.
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