SPS 075: Using Publicity & Influencer Marketing To Sell NEEDTOBREATHE Albums And Grow A Treehouse Business with Seth & Tori Bolt

Posted on Oct 14, 2020

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Today, joining me is Seth and Tori Bolt. Seth is a book author, Grammy-Nominated artist, and the bass player and founding member of Need to Breathe. Tori has created Bolt Farm Treehouse and has a background in television.

The first record deal Need to Breathe signed was in 2005, which took years to achieve for his band. “Typically, the longer you build something and the slower it grows, the stronger it is and the longer it lasts.” Seth’s advice is to think of growing your business for the long term.  

Seth has taken advertising to the next level. His record label set him up with late-night show performances, even in the pandemic. Need to Breathe had PR opportunities through the music scene, popular magazines, and podcasts.

Tori says that her entrepreneurship aligned with her bigger goal. “For me, Bolt Farm Treehouse and being an entrepreneur allowed me to align with my bigger vision goals because it was about having purpose and hearing other people’s stories and doing something with impact.”

Both pieces of advice to make something amazing, and your project will attract people when they know you really care. Of course, marketing and PR is a big part of getting out the word about your business. Make sure to tell the world about your company!

Listen in to find out what to expect at Bolt Farm Treehouse, how to find local press opportunities, and how to target niche markets to advertise your product or company.

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Show Notes

  • [04:05] How Seth received his first record deal.
  • [07:12] His seventh video album release and the PR he created for his album.
  • [10:27] Seth’s appearances on late night shows.
  • [13:44] Tory talks about starting Bolt Farms Treehouse.
  • [17:31] How Tory aligned her goals within her business.
  • [18:24] Checking off boxes with your entrepreneurship. 
  • [21:11] What to expect at Bolt Farm Treehouse.
  • [23:14] Why Bolt House Tree Farm is unique.
  • [26:23] Tips for landing local press.
  • [29:14] Targeting niche markets to advertise.
  • [32:47] The promise Tory and Seth are providing with the treehouse.
  • [38:45] Affiliates and ambassadors who bring the right customers.
  • [42:32] How Tory grew her Instagram account so quickly.
  • [44:44] Their exposure on Good Morning America.
  • [48:22] Pivoting their business when COVID hit.
  • [51:18] Working on their next treehouse location.

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