SPS 069: How A Former Circus Performer Unlocked The Author Advantage & Grew A 7-Figure Editing Business with Qat Wanders

Posted on Sep 2, 2020

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Today, joining me is Qat Wanders, an author, editor, and speaker, and a successful self-publishing school student. She has published numerous books in both the fiction and non-fiction categories. We are going to dive into her story and how she used books to build her seven-figure business.

She found the traditional publishing route very time-consuming and painful. Qat decided she wanted to move to self-publishing.

Dealing with severe chronic pain and looking to work from home. “I was doing freelance writing and editing, then I stumbled across a webinar from Self-Publishing School and signed up for it immediately.” She signed up for SPS intending to get her first book self-published.

“Days after I joined, my dad called me and told me he had three months to live.” Her dad’s dying wish was to hold her book in his hands, and he wanted to see her become a bestseller. She decided to switch from her memoir to writing a book about yoga. Qat had her book published in 29 days. Her book became a bestseller, and her dad held the book in his hands a week before he passed away.

Qat’s daughter was eight when she came up with a fiction storyline, which she helped her daughter, Ora, turn into a published book. Her final book was a 400-page fantasy novel. However, the process was long; her daughter published, and her book became a big success at school, with her teachers and her social media following. Her advice to parents when helping your child write a book, “Be encouraging. There’s a fine line between encouraging and nagging.”

“I’d say my writing has improved the more I learn. Because the more you edit, the more you learn.” She is very familiar with the genres of the books she has coming out, which gives her specific areas to focus on while editing.

Listen in to find out how Qat set up her business after her book launch, why she moved from traditional publishing to a circus entertainer, and why you should stop double spacing in between your sentences.

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Show Notes

  • [02:03] How Qat found Self-Publishing School and started her journey. 
  • [04:04] Her process of self-publishing. 
  • [07:14] The most challenging aspect of publishing her first book.
  • [11:06] Her rewarding work helping her daughter to write and publish books.
  • [15:16] Be encouraging and persistent with your encouragement when your child writes a book.
  • [16:24] How she moved from launching a book to retaining clients.
  • [18:05] Business details of Qat’s coaching program. 
  • [23:57] Her advice on how to build a business quickly.
  • [28:40] How she writes her books differently now that she has edited her own books.
  • [30:45] What authors should look for in a good editor and what should they expect to pay?
  • [34:08] How to find a good editor.
  • [37:49] Her biggest takeaway from Author’s Advantage Live

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