There are many untapped powers and hidden benefits of using Scrivener. This tool is a magic wand for writers! Whether you’re a novelist, blogger, or author, there are various tasks which Scrivener can streamline to make your professional life that much easier. Joseph Michael is a Ninja Master at using Scrivener who recently shared a one-hour condensed primer on how to learn Scrivener fast at the Self-Publishing School Summit.

Joseph’s passions are his faith, his family, and helping others achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Recently, Joseph realized a lifelong dream when he left his nine-to-five gig to make the leap to his own company. Heading up his own start-up allows Joseph to work remotely from any location, so he can spend quality time with his wife and children. Joseph teaches the subjects he’s most excited about; entrepreneurship, marketing, and business. Joseph’s easy-to-follow instructive style and down-to-earth demeanor have earned him fans and teaching accolades.

5 Reasons Why You Need Scrivener Now

In this video, Joseph tells us why we should take the time to learn Scrivener:

  • No More feelings of inadequacy
  • Helps You Finish
  • Lifetime Access
  • Nothing to Lose
  • Time is money

Tips and Tricks to Learn Scrivener Quickly

Here are Joseph’s four ninja tips and tricks to help all writers learn Scrivener fast.

1. The Basics of Scrivener

No matter where you are in your writing journey, Scrivener can simplify the process. It’s easy to import what you’ve already written and take it from there.

You can import Word files and break your drafts into smaller chunks, or chapters. You can pin sections to an online “corkboard.” With quick clicks and dragging content, it’s easy to manipulate, segment and outline your work. Basically, whatever you need to do to organize your outlines, research, and drafts, Scrivener can assist you.

2. Use Scrivener to Organize

Scrivener’s tools make organization automatic and fool-proof. Helpful features allow writers to color code text for each character, scene, or point of view.

Scrivener also makes pre-writing prep a breeze. The tool allows writers to sort in outline mode or add comments and annotations to their outlines and drafts.

Many writers find the chore of organizing research challenging. The tool allows writers to compile all the burdensome, bulky research in one place. Reference folders organize saved images and websites with external referencesresources for easy access.

3. Use Scrivener to Boost Productivity

Scrivener helps writers shut down procrastination and focus on the task at hand — writing.

Scrivener allows writers to set custom targets for themselves. You can opt to set a target number of words for each scene, so you know what you need to complete before you call it a day.

If you’re someone who works better with deadlines than word counts, Scrivener’s got you covered there, too. You can elect to set and display project deadlines or specify days of the week to write. You can even use Scrivener to show stats about word frequency, to help boost your creativity.

Since distraction is the death knell of any writing goal, the program allows you to save your work, and block out online distractions such as Facebook and Twitter.

4. Use Scrivener to Compile and Format

One of the most expensive and time-consuming aspects of publishing a book is the process of compiling and formatting. Scrivener can make this process easier, more efficient, and less costly.

Scrivener allows you to create and utilize various templates. You may also export to any format you need, and your draft will be ready to go. You can even get your draft ready to upload to Kindle.

Editing may be the bane of any new writer’s existence, but Scrivener can make the sometimes daunting process of editing more streamlined and friendly. Simply amend what you need to, and use your saved settings to compile as many times as you want.


Many new writers need help with organization, staying on track, formatting and editing. Scrivener’s tools make it simple to streamline each of these tasks to complete the goal — a finished book! Take advantage of how Scrivener can help you, and you’ll be that much closer to seeing your name on the bestseller list.

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