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Welcome to our aspiring authors! We’re thrilled that you’ve found us. You’re going to be thrilled that you found us, too. We’re here to walk with you through each and every step of your self-published author journey.

No matter which phrase of the book writing process you’re in right now, we’ve got you covered with pro tips, actionable advice, and witty stories from the author trenches. Buckle up, because you’re in for an exhilarating ride!

The Basics of Writing and Publishing Your Book

Let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? Our pillar posts cover each phase of the writing journey. 

Want to know how to find the intrinsic motivation to make the writing leap. Read our Why Should I Write a Book? to find your own reasons to write.

Now that you know why, we should you how. We promise it won’t be (too) painful. How to Write a Book will take you from blank page to final chapter. 

The only way to go from blank page to published pro is by committing to the process. Find your creative writing groove with Writing Process: 10 Tips to Create a Routine.

Outlining isn’t the sexiest topic, but it might be the most crucial to get you started. We’ve rounded up the most inspired ways to outline and start writing with Book Outline: 11 Ways to Outline Your Book.

Congrats, you’ve finished your manuscript. Now what the heck are you supposed to do? We’ll hold your hand and take you from draft to marketable product in How to Publish a Book.

The great news about self-publishing is that all aspects of your book are in your hands. Even if you’ve never formatted a manuscript before, we help you avoid some common blunders with 5 Book Formatting Mistakes to Avoid.

Becoming a pro author is more than just writing and publishing a book. We teach you how to walk the author walk and talk the author talk with How to Become an Author.

Authors who make the effort to put themselves out there sell more books. Even if the thought of public speaking is about as appealing as a Novocain-free root canal, we know you can do it. We talk you through your first speaking appearance with Speaking Engagements: Your First Gig as An Author. 

You wrote your book and now you want it to sell. We get it, that vacation home isn’t going to pay for itself! We got you covered with Book Marketing: How to Skyrocket Sales of Your Book. 

Blog Posts by Category


We teach you everything from how to write your first paragraph to how to defeat the dreaded writer’s block.


Want to know about nitty gritty ins-and-outs of the self-publishing process? We’ve got you covered.

Pro Author

Do you have what it takes to go from unknown aspiring writer to pro author? Of course you do! Read on for how to achieve fame and fortune.


You’ve self-published your book! What’s the next step? Playing the PR and marketing game is just a matter of knowing the right moves to make. We walk you through actionable plans to make your book the next hot read.

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With our help and your inspiration, we know you have what it takes to become a pro author. Today is the day to take charge and finally write your book! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to change your life …


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